English Democrats Candidate in Dacorum!

DACORUM BC Adeyfield West Ward
21st March 2013.

Mike MOORE. Lab.
Barry NEWTON. Con.
Ron TINDALL. Lib Dem.

This is the first time that the EDP has stood in this ward but Simon Deacon is the party’s regular candidate in Dacorum and has stood in the adjoining ward.

He was a Parish councillor until resigning in October 2012.

They go from being last on the Eastleigh ballot paper to first on this one.


Tories try to Privatise England’s NHS!

This is from 38degrees, England Watch is happy to pass it on.

“Dear Reader,
A new fight over NHS privatisation has just begun. Jeremy Hunt is trying to use new powers, hidden within last year’s controversial NHS laws, to force local GPs to privatise more health services. [1] This is one of the things we were afraid might happen – and now our worst fears are being confirmed. We need to do all we can to stop it.

Jeremy Hunt’s new privatisation plot is contained within “NHS competition regulations”. [2] Usually these kinds of rules get quickly rubber-stamped by Parliament. This time, we need to get MPs and Lords to stand up to Hunt and block his plans. [3]

It’s a long shot, but we have a chance of stopping these changes because Hunt is breaking promises made to MPs when NHS laws were voted through last year. [4] If we generate a huge, public outcry to put pressure on the politicians who clung on to those promises last time the government attacked our NHS, we can convince them to stop these new laws.

Sign the petition against Jeremy Hunt’s new NHS privatisation plan here – we’ve got just a couple of days before we’ll need to deliver it:

Hunt’s new regulations (Statutory Instrument 257 under Section 75 of the Health & Social Care Act 2012) are like a catalogue of our worst fears. [5] GPs would have to open up every part of local health services to private companies, whether or not it’s what they or local people want. It would speed up the break up of the NHS, giving profit-hungry companies new rights to muscle in.

Last year, the government promised it wouldn’t go as far as forcing privatisation on local health services. Lots of MPs and Lords said these promises convinced them to vote for the NHS law. Now, we need to go back to these same MPs and Lords, and tell them to find some backbone. If they really voted for the law because of those promises, now they’ve got no excuse not to put a stop to Hunt’s latest privatising move.

Let’s build a petition to hand in to each of the MPs and Lords who believed the government’s promises on privatisation:

All over the country, 38 Degrees members have been working together to convince their local NHS decision makers to do the right thing and limit privatisation in their area. Now, government is trying to take that power away from local doctors and the patients they serve.

This is going to be tough. It could be the start of the second round of the fight to protect everything that’s precious about the NHS. But it’s the right thing to do, because we know that when private companies move in, all too often it doesn’t end well for patients.

Sign the petition now:


Thanks for being involved,

Did the English Democrats turn up at Court Yesterday?

Last month Robin Tilbrook and Steve Uncles took the English Democrats into the ‘English National Resistance’ they were founder members along with ‘Britain First, English Defence League, Infidels and splinter groups from the EDL. They have now been joined by the English Volunteer Force.

As we know this was one of the things that lead to a number of leading figures in the EDP resigning from the party, including Mayor Davies in Doncaster the EDPs highest placed elected official.

Also last month a protest was due to take place outside the, taxpayer-funded, house of Abu Qatada. An injunction was taken out by his lawyers to stop this and several of the leading members of the ENR were named.

We have not noticed anything from the EDP about yesterday’s court case but this was on the Britain First site.


The full hearing to decide the fate of the injunction that prohibits demonstrations outside Abu Qatada’s taxpayer funded house took place today at the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, London.

The first piece of good news is that the spurious claim for “damages” has been withdrawn.

Both sides gave their arguments either for or against the proposed injunction.

The judge however decided that he would give his judgement on Monday 25th, so we will have to wait until then until we know the outcome of the case.

I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all our loyal supporters who have stood by us during this difficult period.

Paul Golding
Chairman, Britain First
Organiser, English National Resistance”

One wonders if Mr Tilbrook was there in any capacity!

Duncan Edwards Remembered!

Fifty five years ago today, fifteen days after he was injured in the Munich Air Disaster, Duncan Edwards died in hospital.

That a footballer was ‘The greatest’ has been said of many but when it is the likes of Bobby Charlton, Tommy Docherty, Terry Venables and others of their ilk saying it then maybe mortals should believe!

That he didn’t live to lead England to victory in 1966 is the greatest tragedy in English football.

DUNCAN EDWARDS, “The light still shines”

Born Dudley, England. 1st October 1936.

Died Munich, West Germany. 21st October 1958.

Pro-English does not mean Anti-Irish!

Steve Uncles, of the English Democrats, believes in ‘shock politics’. The idea is that you say something outrageous, controversial or just plain stupid in order to get your words noticed. The problem is that it takes both skill and intelligence. Mr Uncles has ‘read-a-book’ on how to do it but…..

His latest is an attack on the Irish, all Irish just because they are Irish it seems. He writes,

Just to confirm, I dislike all Irish people, Nationalist, Unionist etc- I am sick and tired of English lives and money being wasted in Northern Ireland……….get rid……….sooner the better.

A few days ago Mr Uncles was going to ‘Lurch’ the EDP to the left. Now he seems to be playing to the right-wing ethnic-nationalists.

It seems that confusion reigns in the leadership of the EDP

It is said that ‘a week is a long time in politics’ so four years is an age.

So how very different are Mr Uncles remarks of late compared to his attempted email to Sinn Fein offering reciprocal help to further both parties in England.

In the email below the spelling is Mr Uncles, the highlights are by England Watch!

Dear Sinn Fein
I would like to introduce the “English Democrats” party to you – we are the largest English Nationalist party in England with approaching 3,000 members.

On 4 June 2009, we will be standing in every English Constituency, our current manigesto position is a Federal United Kingdom with Fiscal Authomony for the various parts ie England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Recent events, have however inspired some members of our party to suggest that a policy of a referendum by the people of England, Scotland & Wales to “ask Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom” would be an interesting and unique policy to develope, and would certainly promote both the English Nationalism Cause and the Irish Nationalism Cause at the same time.

We believe that such a policy would further the aims of Sinn Fien for a United Ireland.
We have the opportunity to get this message/suggestion to the door steps of 45 Million people in England by leaflet in May 2009, and via Party Political Broadcast during May 2009.

If Sinn Fien is interested in opening discussions to further our parelllel causes and developing this strategy then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are willing to meet in Dublin if this is of interest.

Like Sinn Fien, the English Democrats have had enough of “British Rule” we wish to have “English Rule” for England, “Irish Rule” for Ireland, “Scottish Rule” for Scotland and “Welsh Rule” for Wales the time for Britiain is in the past, England needs to rise as a Nation in it’s own right.

We recognise the historic & geographical links between our Nations, and feel that this is best served by the “Council of the Isles” with English rather the UK representation in future meetings.

I look forward to hearing from you further, I do hope this genuine offer is of interest.

Kind regards
Steven Uncles
National Membership Secretary
English Democrats

One would expect that an email from a leading member of “the largest English Nationalist party in England” would be in good English. It might also be a good idea when asking for help, and possibly money, from a political party to spell the name correctly.

Finally, he may not like Britain but he should at least be able to spell it!

English Democrats, Not Left, Not Right just Lurching!

If it were not part of the tragedy that is English nationalism events reported today, concerning the English Democrats Party would be yet another act in the longest running political farce in history.

Cast your minds back about two years, all over England whole branches of the BNP were being welcomed with open arms into the EDP. In places such as Leeds, Solihull, Broxbourne and Southend on Sea they brought activists into areas which had hardly seen an EDP presence. Sometimes the BNP branch officials simply slipped from their position in the BNP into the EDP.

Southend was a prime example of this. The majority of the branch members moved over from the BNP to the EDP at one of their meetings. Then at a branch meeting in October 2011 Stuart Freeman the EDP, and former BNP, leader in Southend introduced Steve Uncles, Chairman of the South East Area who gave a very welcoming speech to the EDPs new recruits
We now read that Mr Freeman and other ‘political flippers’ in Southend have returned to the BNP.

It is also Mr Uncles that supplies the second story in this sad little saga.

On the English Passport Blog we can read,
“This blog understands, that following the report by the BBC Reporter Len Tingle in Yorkshire, claiming that the English Democrats has been “infiltrated” by former members of the BNP. Steve Uncles the Area Chairman for the South East of England it is understood, is determined to redress the balance and “Lurch” the party to the left,”

This is a rather odd way of reporting this item.” English Passport/Kingdom of England Passport” is a Blog that is not only owned by Mr Uncles but everything on there is either written by, or sanctioned by, Mr Uncles. Maybe he thinks that writing in the third party gives it an air of independence.

We must point out that Len Tingle is wrong! The EDP was never “infiltrated” by former members of the BNP. Messrs Tilbrook and Uncles not only welcomed them with open arms but gave them the front door key!

As for Mr Uncles ‘Lurching the party to the Left’! It was only a couple of weeks ago that he and Robin Tilbrook were happy to be pictured with high-ranking members of Britain First, the EDL, Infidels and other assorted ‘patriots’ mainly former BNP.

The swing to the right, orchestrated by Tilbrook and Uncles, has removed almost all of the moderate members of the EDP, those that are left are prepared to accept what the leadership is doing to the party, and must be prepared to accept their share of the blame.

The ‘Lurch’ to the right cost the EDP most of the original English nationalists. Any attempted ‘Lurch’ to the left would remove most of the recently acquired British nationalists but is unlikely to draw in any moderate nationalists.

Finally, if, as Mr Uncles writes, the EDP has not moved to the right but remained in the centre of political parties in England why does he think it necessary to “redress the balance and “Lurch” the party to the left,”?

Eastleigh Candidates list.

A total of 14 candidates in the election to be held on 28th February 2013.

Colin Bex …..Wessex Regionalists
David Bishop ….Elvis Loves Pets
Jim Duggan ….Peace
Ray Hall ….Beer, Baccy and Crumpet
‘Howling Laud’ Hope ….Loony
Maria Hutchings ….Conservative
Diane James ….UKIP
Iain MacLennan ….National Health Action
Kevin Milburn. ..Christian
John O’Farrell ….Labour
Daz Procter ….TUSC
Danny Stupple ….Independent
Michael Thornton ….Lib Dems
Michael Walters ….English Democrats