Eastleigh. A chance for the English Democrats?

At last Chris Huhne has done something decent, he has resigned.

The Lib’ Dem’ MP for Eastleigh in Hampshire has announced that he will resign his seat after pleading Guilty in his court case.

Eastleigh is the first time that a Parliamentary By-election has been called in a constituency that has had a previous EDP candidate.

Chris Huhne held the seat in 2010 against competition from six other candidates.


Chris Huhne…Liberal Democrat 24,966. 46.5%
Maria Hutchings….Conservative 21,102. 39.3%
Leo Barraclough….Labour 5,153. 9.6%
Ray Finch….UKIP 1,933. 3.6%
Tony Pewsey….English Democrats 249. 0.46%
Dave Stone….Independent 154. 0.3%
Keith Low….National Liberal Party/Third Way 93. 0.2%

England Watch does not know it Tony Pewsey will stand again, if he is still a member, or will the EDP bring in one of the ‘big names’!


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