English Democrats. The Quest Begins!

All great sagas take the reader, or originally the listener, on an epic journey of highs and lows, ups and downs, false starts, false dawns, farce, comedy and drama before the story reaches its climax. So it will be with ‘The Quest for the 300’.

The Warlords have begun to assemble their troops in the Shires for the assault on the County Halls. One of the first off the mark was Northamptonshire; we were informed that a meeting was due to be held on the 16th January, if it did take place no information seems to have been released as yet!

More detailed information has been forthcoming from the South East, Kent in particular.

In Mid-January Mr Uncles announced that 18 candidates had already been selected to stand for the EDP in Kent. The list contained 14 with ‘full’ names and 3 with just first names but no 18th name.

Within the 14 are 3 from the Uncles family and one rather unexpected candidate:

Darent Valley – Sevenoaks District – Paul Golding.

Readers may be aware of the above mentioned gentleman; he was a former BNP councillor in Kent and is now leader of a rival nationalist party, ‘Britain First’.
Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the EDP, has recently taken his party into an association, ‘The English National Resistance’, with Britain First, the English Defence League, Kent Infidels, Essex Infidels, the South East Alliance (mainly the former EDL in Essex) and maybe the North East Alliance (former EDL in the NE).

The 3 candidates with just a first name given are all down to stand in Maidstone.

1&2 Maidstone Central (2 seats) – Maidstone District – Claudia
5 Maidstone Rural North – Maidstone District – Lee
8 Maidstone South – Maidstone District – Eddy

Where have we seen a ‘Claudia and Eddy’ combination before?

It must be pointed out that, as Mr Uncles states, this is only a ‘Provisional allocation of Seats for the 2013 Kent County Council Elections’ some of these will almost certainly not be on the ballot papers in May.


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