Robin Tilbrook, EDP, attacks Mayor Davies ex EDP.

Yesterday Peter Davies, Elected Mayor of Doncaster resigned from the EDP, within hours Robin Tilbrook had posted an attack on him. Mr Tilbrook’s attack is below, in italics, the comments from here at England Watch are in bold.

Robin Tilbrook
Peter Davies resigns from another Party!
It is with a little regret that the English Democrats and our Elected Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, are parting company.

They could well be the thoughts of Mayor Davies too!

It’s always been something of a roller coaster ride with Peter and his regular gaffes (including his notorious suggestion that the Taliban could teach English people a thing or two about family values), but as Peter has got older he has become ever more inclined to speak without thinking first, let alone doing any research as to whether his facts are correct.

Steve Uncles taught him well.

In the time since he was elected, Peter has regularly threatened to resign, usually on petty internal Party matters. It therefore comes as little surprise that he has eventually found something to actually resign over, even if it is something he hasn’t properly researched or thought about or made any serious attempt to understand or to engage with what we as a Party are trying to do.

Every member that has left the EDP could see what Mr Tilbrook is trying to do!

Peter’s election was a pleasant but not entirely unexpected pleasure for us, the English Democrats, as we are the sensible and moderate English nationalist Party and our tide is rising. Although Peter’s previous involvement with politics was very chequered, having belonged to many political parties and his forays into elections were always previously attended with failure.

There speaks a man who has stood at least 14 times in elections which were always attended with failure.

nevertheless, having started to campaign for the English Democrats, he had found that he was getting very much more support electorally than anything he had achieved before.

That was when the EDP was a party with a large majority of real, decent, English nationalists.

Peter often said to me that he liked the title of being “Maverick Mayor” and he has certainly lived up to that title, even if his commitment to English Nationalism has always been somewhat tepid. To take one example among many, he flatly refused to help promote St George’s Day in Doncaster because it would conflict with his attendance at the Scottish horseracing “Festival” in Perth.

If anyone in the party dared to rebuke Mayor Davies they were rounded on by the leadership’s thought police.

At this stage I am not aware if Peter has given up on the possibility of being re-elected – given his previous electoral track record that would be understandable. As Peter has made very little effort to help us build the English Democrats his absence from our ranks is unlikely to be much missed.

Surely it is the job of the EDP branch leadership in Doncaster to build up the party

The English Democrats will be standing a sensible moderate English Nationalist candidate in the next Doncaster Mayoral elections and we will be announcing our candidate in the next fortnight.

There speaks the man who told us that he was standing for London Mayor.

Peter’s conduct, whilst disappointing for us, is also a betrayal of the 25,344 English Democrats’ voters in Doncaster that elected him in the first place, the 31,287 Yorkshire voters who voted for us in the EU elections, and the 32,386 votes from Doncaster that the English Democrats have received since.

Mr Tilbrook never mentioned the betrayal of Conservative voters when 2 Tory councillors defected to the EDP in Peterborough.

Mr Tilbrook never mentioned the betrayal of BNP voters when one of their Borough councillors defected the the EDP in Boston.

Mr Tilbrook never mentioned the betrayal of BNP voters when one of their county councillors defected to the EDP in Hertfordshire.

Mr Tilbrook never mentioned the betrayal of BNP voters when one of their District councillors defected to the EDP in Three Rivers.

Mr Tilbrook never mentioned the betrayal of BNP voters when town and parish councillors in Leeds, Hertfordshire and Lancashire defected to the EDP!

Whilst it is true that a few former members of the British National Party have joined the English Democrats this is a fact that is also true of other parties, including the Labour Party, who now have a former BNP councillor and parliamentary candidate as a councillor in Lancashire.

The Labour Party has over 5,500 councillors Mr Tilbrook cites 1 former BNP councillor amongst them.
The EDP has 3 councillors 2 of whom are former BNP councillors. It can be argued that the influence of those 2 is greater than the Labour 1!

Peter has never been willing to take his politics seriously, always putting his passion for horse racing first. It is one thing being maverick but quite another to both attack people he has never met nor troubled to find out anything about and to turn on the Party which gave him his only electoral success.

As the senior elected party member maybe Mr Tilbrook would have been wise to have consulted Mr Davies before he and Mr Uncles decided to join with Collett, Golding, Pitt etc.

All parties have similar problems to our ones with Peter but I won’t hide that it is a disappointment that Peter has proved as disloyal to us as to so many of the other parties which he has previously belonged to.

Does Mr Tilbrook feel any disloyalty to the party that he previously belonged to?

Robin Tilbrook,
The English Democrats

Original Blog here,

Mr Tilbrook’s attack begs the question.

“If Mayor Davies has been so bad for so long why did the EDP not just remove the party whip from him”?

The answer may be that to be able to boast an elected mayor boosted the ego of the party, so long as Mr Davies was willing to tolerate the EDP they were willing to tolerate him.


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