Another English Democrat Councillor Resigns.

Mick Glynn was elected to Dunsville ward of Hatfield Town Council, Doncaster in May 2011. He was the only EDP councillor in the whole of Yorkshire and the North East.

He resigned following the departure of Mayor Davies and Robin Tilbrook’s subsequent attack on him.

In a comment on Mr Tilbrook’s Blog Councillor Glynn says;

“I too was a member of the Doncaster branch of the English Democrats, and i too have resinged from the party, after reading this garbage from Robin Tilbrook, i am now 100% sure Peter Davies and most of the other Doncaster branch members, including myself were right in leaving the party, some things are better not said in public, Regards Councillor, Mick Glynn”.

Tilbrook and Uncles have jointly dragged the EDP into the mire that is now swallowing it. They seem to think it is the right thing to do.

England Watch does not agree with them and it appears that most ENGLISH nationalists think it is a disaster for English nationalism but a God-send for British nationalism.


One thought on “Another English Democrat Councillor Resigns.

  1. As much as i can no longer support the ED’s (and don’t) I am disappointed at the self-destruction of the only party that has spoken for England since devolution.
    Who now to speak for the dis-enfranchised English? It ain’t going to be the Lib/Lab/Con.

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