English Democrats, All set for Eastleigh?

After Chris Huhne’s resignation last week the By-election in his former constituency has been called, in almost record time, and voting will take place on Thursday28th February 2013.

Because it has been called so quickly there is relatively short window in which parties have to get their candidates chosen and the nominations in. Nominations close on Wednesday 13th February.

There are expected to be quite a number of candidates standing in such a high-profile election and one of those to have already declared their candidature is Michael Walters of the English Democrats.

He announced on his Facebook page that,
“Have received the Go Ahead from Robin Tilbrook and Steve Uncles to stand in Eastleigh By election”.

Mr Walters is not one of the most well-known of the EDP members. He lives in Strood, is Chairman of Medway EDP and Secretary of the EDP South East Region, of which Mr Uncles is Chairman.

As Secretary of the South East Region, the fact that Mr Walters lives over 100 miles from Eastleigh (though both are in the English South East EU Region) would not make any difference if he was the best candidate in a winnable seat, neither would the fact that he has been given the ‘go-ahead’ from Mr Uncles, Chairman of the South East Region.

The EDP though have chosen to split the ‘South East Region’, Hampshire in in the EDP’s Southern Region, there the Chairman is Mark Lancaster according to the EDP website. In a democratic English party one would have expected not only the Regional Chairman to have a say but also the rank and file membership. Instead it seems to be just Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles calling the shots.

Is Mark Lancaster one of the recent resignations from the EDP? Is there such a thing as a viable membership in Hampshire?

All will be revealed in due course.


One thought on “English Democrats, All set for Eastleigh?

  1. As already stated in your article this by-election has been called in record time, we know the LibLabConsters candidates are chosen by their party HQ and not the local membership, ideally we would have gone to the membership which is our normal course however given the tight schedule this was not possible thereby having consent from the Party Chairman would be required. The “regions” also quoted are the regions decided for E.U. Administration, we believe in the traditional county structure and as such for our own administration purposes will if required split those E.U. “Regions” up.

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