English Democrats, Not Left, Not Right just Lurching!

If it were not part of the tragedy that is English nationalism events reported today, concerning the English Democrats Party would be yet another act in the longest running political farce in history.

Cast your minds back about two years, all over England whole branches of the BNP were being welcomed with open arms into the EDP. In places such as Leeds, Solihull, Broxbourne and Southend on Sea they brought activists into areas which had hardly seen an EDP presence. Sometimes the BNP branch officials simply slipped from their position in the BNP into the EDP.

Southend was a prime example of this. The majority of the branch members moved over from the BNP to the EDP at one of their meetings. Then at a branch meeting in October 2011 Stuart Freeman the EDP, and former BNP, leader in Southend introduced Steve Uncles, Chairman of the South East Area who gave a very welcoming speech to the EDPs new recruits
We now read that Mr Freeman and other ‘political flippers’ in Southend have returned to the BNP.

It is also Mr Uncles that supplies the second story in this sad little saga.

On the English Passport Blog we can read,
“This blog understands, that following the report by the BBC Reporter Len Tingle in Yorkshire, claiming that the English Democrats has been “infiltrated” by former members of the BNP. Steve Uncles the Area Chairman for the South East of England it is understood, is determined to redress the balance and “Lurch” the party to the left,”

This is a rather odd way of reporting this item.” English Passport/Kingdom of England Passport” is a Blog that is not only owned by Mr Uncles but everything on there is either written by, or sanctioned by, Mr Uncles. Maybe he thinks that writing in the third party gives it an air of independence.

We must point out that Len Tingle is wrong! The EDP was never “infiltrated” by former members of the BNP. Messrs Tilbrook and Uncles not only welcomed them with open arms but gave them the front door key!

As for Mr Uncles ‘Lurching the party to the Left’! It was only a couple of weeks ago that he and Robin Tilbrook were happy to be pictured with high-ranking members of Britain First, the EDL, Infidels and other assorted ‘patriots’ mainly former BNP.

The swing to the right, orchestrated by Tilbrook and Uncles, has removed almost all of the moderate members of the EDP, those that are left are prepared to accept what the leadership is doing to the party, and must be prepared to accept their share of the blame.

The ‘Lurch’ to the right cost the EDP most of the original English nationalists. Any attempted ‘Lurch’ to the left would remove most of the recently acquired British nationalists but is unlikely to draw in any moderate nationalists.

Finally, if, as Mr Uncles writes, the EDP has not moved to the right but remained in the centre of political parties in England why does he think it necessary to “redress the balance and “Lurch” the party to the left,”?


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