Please don’t go there Mr Tilbrook!

It has been announced that Robin Tilbrook Chairman of the English Democrats Party is to be one of the main speakers at a summer conference in London organised by The National Culturists.

The National Culturists is a relatively new organisation with a young student, Jack Buckby, as Chairman.

As an English nationalist Blog we support the promotion of English, or even some British, culture, however, when Mr Buckby spoke at a European nationalist rally in October 2012 he openly stated, twice, that he hoped that his organisation would result in students joining the BNP!

It is for that reason that England Watch is asking Mr Tilbrook not to attend the National Culturist conference this summer.

Anyone wishing to attend has to answer a series of questions and, if accepted, will be given the date and venue nearer to the time of the event.

The speakers list, so far, is as below. (Bold is by England Watch)

“Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats),
Carlos Cortiglia (British National Party),
Paul Weston (Liberty GB), Former British Freedom Party leader.
Reverend Robert West (Christian Council of Britain), Former BNP councillor.
and a number of other culturist politicians and activists.

We will also be showing a special lecture from Dr John Press, who is currently in India working on his next book.

It is hard to see this meeting bringing anything but ill for the EDP, but as English nationalists we are more concerned about any damage it may do to English nationalism as a whole!

Mr Tilbrook would be better off at home!


EDP Fenland Result, 28th March 2013.

28th March 2013.
Fenland District Council, Parsons Drove and Wisbech St Mary Ward.

David BROKER… Con…384…44.1%
Mary LANE… Lib Dem…240…27.5%
Alan LAY… UKIP…214…24.6%
Maria GOLDSPINK… EDP…33…3.8%

As we stated in the post that announced this election, She is the first EDP candidate in Fenland, not only that but if seems that she is the first English Nationalist party candidate in the authority.

Compared to the EDP’s other two elections this year it was up on Wirral but down on Dacorum.

Justice, American Style!

In 2007 Meredith Kercher, an English student studying in Italy, was brutally murdered, three people were convicted of her murder subsequently two were acquitted.

One of those acquitted is Amanda Knox, she is now a student at the University of Washington and has recently written her memoirs in a deal reportedly worth $4m (£2.6m). If she were to have her appeal turned down and her previous conviction upheld on appeal, Italy could request her extradition. It would then be up to the US to decide whether to agree to the move, something that is highly unlikely to happen.

America is very keen to have extradition treaties in place so long as it is only one way, foreign nationals into America.
The UK government has been guilty of some appalling decisions in recent years.

It is almost unknown for the USA to extradite its nationals, irrespective of how heinous the crime.

In the view of England Watch extradition should work both ways or no way!

English Democrats Result in Dacorum!

DACORUM BC Adeyfield West Ward
21st March 2013.

Ron TINDALL. Lib Dem…363… 32.6%
Mike MOORE. Lab…278… 25.0%
Barry NEWTON. Con…229… 20.6%
Noel SWINFORD. UKIP… 193… 17.3%
Simon DEACON. EDP…51… 4.6%

This is the first time that the EDP has stood in this ward but Simon Deacon is the party’s regular candidate in Dacorum and has stood in the adjoining ward.

He was a Parish councillor until resigning in October 2012.

This result is slightly better than when he stood in the neighbouring ward last June, his figures then were 47…4.1%.

Words from some of Mr Tilbrook’s finest!

Mr Tilbrook, the party’s leader and Chairman, says that the EDP is not a ‘Right-wing’ party, but a party is made up of its members!

Words from some of the English Democrats members/supporters.

From Facebook.
“Frank O’Brien… If you think branding me as a so called Holocaust denier – Nazi – a racist – Cliff will shut me up from stating facts – supplied by honest Jewish historians! – You are wrong my friend!
In every instance, Jews have used the Myth of the Holocaust to advance their objectives. The goyim were inundated with stories and movies of “the extermination” of the Jews. Anne Roiphe wrote, in “Generation without a Memory,” p. 62, “When gas became costly and ran short, they threw the infants and children directly into burning ovens.” She fails to tell us what sort of fuel the Germans were using for their “burning ovens”. The Jews continually wrote of the “modern technology” which had enabled the Germans to dispose of millions of Jews, and invariably, the sole illustration of this “technology” was a pair of small ovens which seemed a relic of the nineteenth century, and which could have disposed of only a few bodies a day. A crematorium requires a temperature of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for the first ninety minutes, and then 1800 degrees for from sixty to one hundred fifty minutes, and even this does not burn bones. Lacking fuel supplies, the Germans could not even have provided the necessary fuel to embark on any program of burning victims. In the camps, the Jewish inmates assumed complete charge of their administration. The “Nazi hunter”, Simon Weisenthal, – also a Gestapo agent – is on record as saying “There were no gas chambers World War II” Because of the many atrocities committed by the Jewish-directed Allies, not only the firestorm incineration of German civilians in many German cities, but the incineration of hundreds’ of thousands of Japanese civilians in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Operation Keelhaul, the murder of one million anti-Communist Russians who were ordered handed over to the Soviet executioners by Eisenhower, and many other horrors, it was necessary to invent a German atrocity which would eclipse these horrors. The “extermination” of the Jews in gas chambers seemed made to order.
It was to obscure the real atrocities of World War II that the Myth of the Jewish Holocaust was invented. 14,000 Polish officers murdered in the Katyn Forest by Stalin, was passed of as a Jewish massacre Indeed, the basic purpose of the invention of the Holocaust Myth was to prevent Soviet Russia from being embarrassed by any mention of the Katyn Forest massacre at the Nuremberg Trials. Roosevelt’s pro-Communist regime battled valiantly to assist Russia in covering up the Katyn horror. I could go on and on, but people with your mindset Cliff have an agenda, people like me will go on proving you as false!!”

From the Radio.
Chris Beverley,

From the British Democracy Forum.
….” No one, not even Hitler is all bad”….

Apart from the obvious what do all of these men have in common?

Yes they have all been English Democrat candidates on more than one occasion.

On the British Democracy Forum.
ENGLANDFORUSALL, an EDP member and former candidate says.

The criticism that the EDP has been infiltrated by the BNP is one of those that when exposed to rational scrutiny is doubtful.

There have been defections from the BNP but the number and the perceived number has been limited.

The majority of the hardcore BNP base has either formed new parties or have joined the National Front.

The EDP is a broad church movement and prospective members are vetted and if those individuals are vetted and deemed by local branches to be unsuitable for membership their views are listened to.

Both he and Mr O’Brien are in the West Midlands Area of David Lane.

Has Mr Lane vetted and approved Mr O’Brien to be someone that represents English Democrat views?

As some EDP members are keen to say, “It’s all coming together!”

Mr Tilbrook Rallies the EDP Troops for The Quest!

In his Chairman’s, and Leader’s, speech at the English Democrats Spring Conference last weekend Robin Tilbrook spurred on his members to push for candidates for the County Council elections to be held on the 2nd of May.
His goal, and it seems that of other members of the National Council is to hear the words,

“There now follows a Party Election Broadcast by the English Democrats Party”.

He mentioned the main problem in attaining this goal, numbers! Mr Tilbrook informed Conference that the BBC had confirmed that the number of candidates any party must stand in order to qualify for a PEB is 394. This number equates to around half of the EDPs fully paid-up members.

The following facts may help to highlight the enormity of the problem the EDP faces in ‘The Quest’ for a PEB!

In the ten years that the EDP has been standing in elections it has fielded 455 individuals as candidates.

The most candidates it has ever fielded in an election was 133 in May 2011.

In the last County elections, in 2009, the EDP found 76 candidates.

So! The EDP has to find three times more candidates than it has ever stood or, to put it another way, just sixty fewer than the total number of people that have stood in the past ten years.

The Quest continues.

One other of Mr Tilbrook’s points must have caused a few people to look around the room last weekend.
He mentioned the fact that the EDP began in 2002 with a meeting of around 20 people.

Indeed, in September 2002 about 20 people met in a room in Imperial College, London to create the EDP.
After ten and a half years of growth around 45 people met in the Manor Suite of the Holiday Inn Doncaster.

Per Ardua Ad Astra!

EDP New Doncaster Mayoral Candidate.

The English Democrats Party is due to unveil its new candidate for elected Mayor of Doncaster.
The EDP scored an unexpected success in 2009 when its candidate, Peter Davies, won the election to become Mayor.

As reported in many media platforms he resigned a few weeks ago citing the EDPs ‘move to the right’.

At the party’s September conference it was announced that Mayor Davies had invited them to hold the spring conference in Doncaster, it is understood that this event will take place this weekend and that the man that the EDP hopes will be Mr Davies’s successor as Mayor will be unveiled.

The Yorkshire rumour-centre has taken on extra staff to cope with the stories coming out of Doncaster this week.

The main rumour is that the Mayoral candidate will be David Allen, he was the EDPs candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in South Yorkshire. At that election his agent was a former BNP member, a similar ‘ticket’ may be used again.

There are no County elections in either South or West Yorkshire in May therefore it will be possible for the EDP to concentrate its local membership on Doncaster.

For the past few days the EDP website has not been working properly, many of the ‘link’ just displayed a ‘404 error’ sign. Ironically one of the few links that was working yesterday was to the page of ‘Peter Davies, our English Democrats Mayor’.

The site has now been repaired somewhat and Mayor Davies’s page has been removed. Though his picture is still on there promoting ‘Elected Mayors’.

Strangely though there is not, that we have found, any mention of the Spring Conference due to be held this weekend.

In the past the website has always contained information on the venue, timetable, accommodation costs of meals and other happenings. This time the EDP website is silent.

This time there does not appear to be any information what-so-ever in the public domain.

Do any of our EDP members have any information on this please?
As always, your privacy wishes will be respected.