English Democrats, Eastleigh Analysis.

Eastleigh is one of the few constituencies where we are able to compare a By-election result with a previous EDP result in the same constituency.

In the 2010 General Election the result was;
Tony Pewsey….English Democrats….249….0.46%

This week’s result, on 28th February 2013, was;
Michael Walters ….English Democrats….70….0.17%.

A drop of 179 in the number of votes and a drop of 0.29% in the EDP share of the vote.

For a party with a leadership that keeps telling us that it is growing and is “the 7th largest party in England” what it delivers actually rings a little hollow.

The oft repeated line is that in By-elections such as Eastleigh the small-fry get squeezed. The problem with that is that there were 12 other parties and an Independent standing in Eastleigh and the Independent and ten of the ‘parties’ beat the EDP.

Can a party really claim to be in the league where it merits a Party Election Broadcast, which the EDP is aiming for in the County Council elections this May, when it comes two votes behind the ‘Elvis Loves Pets Party and only gets around a quarter of the votes won by the ‘Beer, Backy and Crumpet Party’.

The General Election candidate was local; Mr Walters is from Medway in North Kent.

Mr Walters also seems to be a tad eccentric; he posted a ‘certificate’ informing the world that he is a ‘Knight of the Order of the Star’, this seems to be a ‘mail-order knighthood’ from the USA. As a Knight he promises to defend The American Homeland and the Holy State of Israel!

As part of his election literature he produced an illustration of a mounted knight with the words
“Michael Walters rides into battle for Eastligh!” Unfortunately the name of the constituency is Eastleigh!

As the party failed to retain its deposit at either election that was a loss of £500 each time, possibly paid for by the candidate. In 2010 Mr Pewsey did not register any election expenses with the Electoral Commission; he was just a paper candidate.

In 2013 Mr Walters campaigned and some leaflets were produced, we do not know how much has been spent.

But if we put aside any 2013 expenses and just look at the £500 lost deposit,

In 2010 Tony Pewsey’s 249 votes cost £2 each.
In 2013 Michael Walters 70 votes cost £7.14 each (plus any costs for printing etc.)


According to our information the EDP has stood candidates in 142 Parliamentary elections and By-elections in the past nine years, measuring the percentage of the vote this is its 140th worst result.


2 thoughts on “English Democrats, Eastleigh Analysis.

  1. Glad you noticed the Knighthood , it was a lot cheaper than buying one from the Labour Party ! Think it might be endorsed by the King and Queen of Florida duh I was hoping someone would notice that so I could use that Labour party dig LOL !

    • It may well be cheaper than a Knighthood from the Labour Party, but then they would not have asked you to give an oath to defend ‘The American Homeland and the Holy State of Israel’!

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