EDP New Doncaster Mayoral Candidate.

The English Democrats Party is due to unveil its new candidate for elected Mayor of Doncaster.
The EDP scored an unexpected success in 2009 when its candidate, Peter Davies, won the election to become Mayor.

As reported in many media platforms he resigned a few weeks ago citing the EDPs ‘move to the right’.

At the party’s September conference it was announced that Mayor Davies had invited them to hold the spring conference in Doncaster, it is understood that this event will take place this weekend and that the man that the EDP hopes will be Mr Davies’s successor as Mayor will be unveiled.

The Yorkshire rumour-centre has taken on extra staff to cope with the stories coming out of Doncaster this week.

The main rumour is that the Mayoral candidate will be David Allen, he was the EDPs candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in South Yorkshire. At that election his agent was a former BNP member, a similar ‘ticket’ may be used again.

There are no County elections in either South or West Yorkshire in May therefore it will be possible for the EDP to concentrate its local membership on Doncaster.

For the past few days the EDP website has not been working properly, many of the ‘link’ just displayed a ‘404 error’ sign. Ironically one of the few links that was working yesterday was to the page of ‘Peter Davies, our English Democrats Mayor’.

The site has now been repaired somewhat and Mayor Davies’s page has been removed. Though his picture is still on there promoting ‘Elected Mayors’.

Strangely though there is not, that we have found, any mention of the Spring Conference due to be held this weekend.

In the past the website has always contained information on the venue, timetable, accommodation costs of meals and other happenings. This time the EDP website is silent.

This time there does not appear to be any information what-so-ever in the public domain.

Do any of our EDP members have any information on this please?
As always, your privacy wishes will be respected.


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