Mr Tilbrook Rallies the EDP Troops for The Quest!

In his Chairman’s, and Leader’s, speech at the English Democrats Spring Conference last weekend Robin Tilbrook spurred on his members to push for candidates for the County Council elections to be held on the 2nd of May.
His goal, and it seems that of other members of the National Council is to hear the words,

“There now follows a Party Election Broadcast by the English Democrats Party”.

He mentioned the main problem in attaining this goal, numbers! Mr Tilbrook informed Conference that the BBC had confirmed that the number of candidates any party must stand in order to qualify for a PEB is 394. This number equates to around half of the EDPs fully paid-up members.

The following facts may help to highlight the enormity of the problem the EDP faces in ‘The Quest’ for a PEB!

In the ten years that the EDP has been standing in elections it has fielded 455 individuals as candidates.

The most candidates it has ever fielded in an election was 133 in May 2011.

In the last County elections, in 2009, the EDP found 76 candidates.

So! The EDP has to find three times more candidates than it has ever stood or, to put it another way, just sixty fewer than the total number of people that have stood in the past ten years.

The Quest continues.

One other of Mr Tilbrook’s points must have caused a few people to look around the room last weekend.
He mentioned the fact that the EDP began in 2002 with a meeting of around 20 people.

Indeed, in September 2002 about 20 people met in a room in Imperial College, London to create the EDP.
After ten and a half years of growth around 45 people met in the Manor Suite of the Holiday Inn Doncaster.

Per Ardua Ad Astra!


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