Words from some of Mr Tilbrook’s finest!

Mr Tilbrook, the party’s leader and Chairman, says that the EDP is not a ‘Right-wing’ party, but a party is made up of its members!

Words from some of the English Democrats members/supporters.

From Facebook.
“Frank O’Brien… If you think branding me as a so called Holocaust denier – Nazi – a racist – Cliff will shut me up from stating facts – supplied by honest Jewish historians! – You are wrong my friend!
In every instance, Jews have used the Myth of the Holocaust to advance their objectives. The goyim were inundated with stories and movies of “the extermination” of the Jews. Anne Roiphe wrote, in “Generation without a Memory,” p. 62, “When gas became costly and ran short, they threw the infants and children directly into burning ovens.” She fails to tell us what sort of fuel the Germans were using for their “burning ovens”. The Jews continually wrote of the “modern technology” which had enabled the Germans to dispose of millions of Jews, and invariably, the sole illustration of this “technology” was a pair of small ovens which seemed a relic of the nineteenth century, and which could have disposed of only a few bodies a day. A crematorium requires a temperature of 2200 degrees Fahrenheit for the first ninety minutes, and then 1800 degrees for from sixty to one hundred fifty minutes, and even this does not burn bones. Lacking fuel supplies, the Germans could not even have provided the necessary fuel to embark on any program of burning victims. In the camps, the Jewish inmates assumed complete charge of their administration. The “Nazi hunter”, Simon Weisenthal, – also a Gestapo agent – is on record as saying “There were no gas chambers World War II” Because of the many atrocities committed by the Jewish-directed Allies, not only the firestorm incineration of German civilians in many German cities, but the incineration of hundreds’ of thousands of Japanese civilians in the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Operation Keelhaul, the murder of one million anti-Communist Russians who were ordered handed over to the Soviet executioners by Eisenhower, and many other horrors, it was necessary to invent a German atrocity which would eclipse these horrors. The “extermination” of the Jews in gas chambers seemed made to order.
It was to obscure the real atrocities of World War II that the Myth of the Jewish Holocaust was invented. 14,000 Polish officers murdered in the Katyn Forest by Stalin, was passed of as a Jewish massacre Indeed, the basic purpose of the invention of the Holocaust Myth was to prevent Soviet Russia from being embarrassed by any mention of the Katyn Forest massacre at the Nuremberg Trials. Roosevelt’s pro-Communist regime battled valiantly to assist Russia in covering up the Katyn horror. I could go on and on, but people with your mindset Cliff have an agenda, people like me will go on proving you as false!!”

From the Radio.
Chris Beverley,

From the British Democracy Forum.
….” No one, not even Hitler is all bad”….

Apart from the obvious what do all of these men have in common?

Yes they have all been English Democrat candidates on more than one occasion.

On the British Democracy Forum.
ENGLANDFORUSALL, an EDP member and former candidate says.

The criticism that the EDP has been infiltrated by the BNP is one of those that when exposed to rational scrutiny is doubtful.

There have been defections from the BNP but the number and the perceived number has been limited.

The majority of the hardcore BNP base has either formed new parties or have joined the National Front.

The EDP is a broad church movement and prospective members are vetted and if those individuals are vetted and deemed by local branches to be unsuitable for membership their views are listened to.

Both he and Mr O’Brien are in the West Midlands Area of David Lane.

Has Mr Lane vetted and approved Mr O’Brien to be someone that represents English Democrat views?

As some EDP members are keen to say, “It’s all coming together!”


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