Please don’t go there Mr Tilbrook!

It has been announced that Robin Tilbrook Chairman of the English Democrats Party is to be one of the main speakers at a summer conference in London organised by The National Culturists.

The National Culturists is a relatively new organisation with a young student, Jack Buckby, as Chairman.

As an English nationalist Blog we support the promotion of English, or even some British, culture, however, when Mr Buckby spoke at a European nationalist rally in October 2012 he openly stated, twice, that he hoped that his organisation would result in students joining the BNP!

It is for that reason that England Watch is asking Mr Tilbrook not to attend the National Culturist conference this summer.

Anyone wishing to attend has to answer a series of questions and, if accepted, will be given the date and venue nearer to the time of the event.

The speakers list, so far, is as below. (Bold is by England Watch)

“Robin Tilbrook (English Democrats),
Carlos Cortiglia (British National Party),
Paul Weston (Liberty GB), Former British Freedom Party leader.
Reverend Robert West (Christian Council of Britain), Former BNP councillor.
and a number of other culturist politicians and activists.

We will also be showing a special lecture from Dr John Press, who is currently in India working on his next book.

It is hard to see this meeting bringing anything but ill for the EDP, but as English nationalists we are more concerned about any damage it may do to English nationalism as a whole!

Mr Tilbrook would be better off at home!


5 thoughts on “Please don’t go there Mr Tilbrook!

  1. The EDP can always be relied on to allow hope to triumph over experience on these things and make the wrong decision.

  2. I’ve spoken to Robin about this article and it appears that he’ll still be attending. The problem here is that you’re ignoring the fact that there is still a common cause here. As opponents to multiculturalism, we have to work beyond party boundaries for the sake of young people. The NC has members from UKIP, Labour, Conservative, BNP, BFP and more. **I** would hope our members join BNP, but that doesn’t mean the NC is a BNP group. To say that is a slap in the face to our members who would rather NC people joined their parties instead.

    On a party political level, sure, bickering is expected. But when it comes to changing the politics of modern youth, articles like this do nothing but cause us more trouble in an already difficult fight.

    • It is no surprise that Mr Tilbrook is going ahead with what seems to be a foolhardy venture. It begs the question, ‘Are the members in favour, or even been consulted?’
      Being linked to someone whose aim is to recruit for the BNP is hardly likely to help get anywhere near to the 394 candidates Mr Tilbrook hopes to stand next month.
      You say “As opponents to multiculturalism”. Does that include the EDP? From their constitution and website they have claimed to be a ‘civic nationalist’ party where anyone is entitled to describe themselves as English if born here and accept basic values. Have they not also stated that they accept multi-culturalism providing English culture predominates?
      Has the EDP changed to an Ethnic nationalist stance and adopted mono-culturalism?
      Many of the actions of Messrs Tilbrook and Uncles have been against the wishes of sections of the ‘original’ English nationalists, many of whom have left the party; this seems to be just another example of cosying up to British nationalist elements of the political right.

      • Did you even read what I said to you?
        Multiculturalism is nothing to do with race. So no, this is not an ethno nationalist issue.
        Culturism is not monoculturalism. Did you even do your research before saying that? Look up leitkultur and culturism, NOT monoculturalism.

        You’re being incredibly paranoid. No wonder students aren’t interested in getting involved with right wing parties when there’s this much paranoia and ignorance!

  3. Nothing of which detracts from the fact that you are using your organisation to help the BNP gain young members.

    As to your last point. Could it be that most students and young people have more sense than you credit them with and that is why they do not join the BNP et al?

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