Some early surprises from the English Democrats Quest.

Nominations for the English County/Unitary elections closed a noon today, 5th April 2013, Mr Tilbrook was aiming and urging for 394 candidates in order to qualify for a Party Election Broadcast.

As the various councils begin to release the Statements of Persons Nominated a pattern is beginning to emerge. England Watch’s ‘guesstimate’ of 115, made a couple of days ago is now looking decidedly optimistic.

Of the surprises, one of the more unexpected is that in spite of the fact that the EDP has 2 councillors there is no EDP candidate in Boston.

In Hertfordshire Deidre Gates is not defending her seat for the EDP but the party has been unable to find a candidate to stand in the division, the BNP are however aiming to regain it.

In spite of the rhetoric regarding new members after the By-election there are no Candidates in the Eastleigh divisions of Hampshire CC.

In January England Watch carried a piece about Graham Partner, former BNP councillor who listed membership of the EDP on his councillor’s Register of Interests.

He is defending his seat, but as a British Democratic Party candidate.

With over half of authorities still to release the SoPN the EDP list stands as,
7 in Kent.
2 in Essex.
2 in Cambridgeshire.
1 in Surrey.
1 in Warwickshire.


2 thoughts on “Some early surprises from the English Democrats Quest.

  1. Possibly all ex-BNP activists have been told by the English Democrats not to stand for the English Democrats in these elections.

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