What has happened to the English Democrats in Boston?

In May 2007 the English Democrats Party stood for the first time in a Boston Borough Council election, the candidate took 12% of the vote.
In 2010 Councillor David Owen, who had been elected as a BNP councillor defected to the EDP.

At the local elections of May 2011 he successfully defended his seat as an EDP candidate.

In these elections the party stood eleven candidates in eight wards, the two standing in Fenside ward were elected.

In August and September 2012 the party fielded a candidate in two County Council By-elections.

Next month, May 2013, there are elections for Lincolnshire County Council, seven of the county divisions are within Boston Borough but there is not a single EDP candidate standing.

As well as the County election there is also a By-election for the Staniland South ward of Boston Borough Council.

In 2011 the EDP stood two candidates in this two seat ward, this time they have no one standing.

Just two years ago the EDP fielded eleven candidates in eight wards this year they have no candidates in eight contests.

Has the EDP collapsed in Boston/Lincolnshire?

Have they realised, after the two contests in 2012, that they have no chance in County elections?

Or, is this part of the much publicised policy of standing aside to give UKIP a clear run?

UKIP do have a candidate in all eight contests!


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