Desperate Times for the English Democrats in Kent.

The EDP has 23 candidates standing under its banner in the 2013 Kent county elections, one fewer than in 2009.

Of the 23 candidates 5 have a very recognisable surname, well 4 actually, the guy in Malling Rural NE really is listed on the nomination forms as ‘Steves Uncle’ this may be an error as his address in Medway is the same as Liz Uncles the candidate in Malling Rural East.
Interestingly it is the same address as given by Mike Walters on his nomination form.

The famous five are;
Dartford…..Dartford West…..Milly Uncles,
Sevenoaks…..Sevenoaks N E…..Louise Uncles
Sevenoaks…..Swanley…..Steven Uncles
Tonbridge & Malling…..Malling Rural North East…..Steves Uncle
Tonbridge & Malling…..Malling Rural East…..Liz Uncles

It is interesting to see where in Kent EDP candidates live in comparison to where they are standing, it is a good indicator of the spread (or lack) of support for the party county-wide.

7 candidates in Sevenoaks. 7 give addresses in Dartford.
6 candidates in Dartford. 5 give addresses in Dartford, 1 in Medway.
5 candidates in Tonbridge & Malling. 2 give addresses in Dartford, 2 in Medway and 1 in Margate.
3 candidates in Gravesham. 2 give addresses in Gravesham and 1 in Medway.
2 candidates in Maidstone. 1 gives an address in Gravesham and 1 in Tonbridge & Malling.

We just couldn’t close this post without mentioning the EDP candidate for Malling Central, the wonderfully named Anna Cleves!

If only she could have been persuaded to stand a few miles to the west in Sevenoaks South Division. We believe Hever Castle may be in that division, that was the home of Anne of Cleves after Henry VIII divorced her.
England Watch loves being able to link the past with the present.


4 thoughts on “Desperate Times for the English Democrats in Kent.

  1. It seems a wierd intepretation by England Watch, that in Kent, where the English Democrats are fielding 25 candidates, that England Watch views this as “Desperate Times” ……….. hey ho, it takes all sorts.

  2. England Watch does not have access to the EDP membership list, so, for all we and the public know, there could well be 394 EDP members standing with accepted nominations in Kent.

    The fact is that ONLY 23 of them are standing as English Democrats.

    We have also seen a facebook post where one of the 23 says that he has tried to withdraw his nomination in Dartford because there is no campaign there.

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