Other English Democrat Council Candidates on 2nd May 2013

2nd May 2013, all in Northamptonshire.

Kettering Borough Council, Avondale Grange ward.
Eileen Hales, Lab.
Derek Hilling, EDP.
John Raffill, UKIP.
Chris Smith-Haynes, Con.
David Tate, Lib Dem.

Kettering Borough Council, Welland ward.
Stanley Freeman, Lib Dem.
David Howes, Con.
Paul Oakden, UKIP.
John Padwick, Lab.
Kevin Sills, EDP.

Rothwell Town Council, Tresham ward. (Kettering)
Trevor Atkinson, Con.
Malc Jones, Lab.
Alan Pote, UKIP.
Phillip Rice, Lib Dem.
Kevin Sills, EDP.

Wellingborough Borough Council, Redwell West ward
Alf Brown, Lab.
Alan Shipham, UKIP.
Rob Walker, EDP.
Veronica Waters, Con.

All three are also county council candidates on the same day.

Kevin Sills stood down as a Parish Councillor last year, now he is aiming at all three, county, borough and parish, levels on the same day!

That would be quite rare if he pulls it off!


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