EDP Kent. Are the Candidates as big a Joke as their ‘Statements’?

On his Steve Uncles County Councillor 2013. Blog we can now read ‘statements’ from all 23 EDP candidates in Kent as well as the 2 NEP candidates.

It is impossible to read them with a straight face, grammatical howlers, spelling mistakes; comma’s thrown in by the handful.

To cap it all they appear to have been proofread by a blind chimp!

The vast majority of these ‘statements’ seem to have been put together from about 12 separate word blocks and 3 or 4 of them have been put into each ‘statement’.

The elusive Anna Cleves has one of the more ‘interesting’ ones. Two thirds of the way down she changes her name and then at the bottom she changes ‘her’ sex.

Anna Cleve – Malling Central – Tonbridge and Malling District
Anna joined the English Democrats following inappropriate advances from party officials in UKIP. She believes that the English Democrats are the only political party, that is committed to, above all else the preservation of England, English Culture and English Democracy. Anna believes that England’s rich heritage, history and way of live is under attack – by the EU, political correctness and a government that cares more about foreign aid budgets then it does about our own pensioners.
The English Democrats is a fresh approach to politics. Anna believes in reinvigorating our democracy, freedom of speech and in holding elected politicians to their manifesto promises. Teresa wants to see local communities to have a much greater voice in how their areas are managed and to return power to the people of England.
Like 71% of people living in England (according to the 2011 Census), Anna believes his identity to be English not British.

These rather unedifying missives are indicative of the total collapse of the EDP in this years elections.

The link is below, but get there before someone corrects it for him and it becomes boring.


Worth a screencap?


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