English Democrats Doncaster Mayoral contest.

In what was a political surprise to everyone, including the candidate, the English Democrats won the 2009 election for Mayor of Doncaster. The Mayor, Peter Davies, has proved to be quite a controversial Mayor from day one.

He is defending his position, though this time as an independent, after a very acrimonious split with the EDP after saying that the party was allowing in too many ex BNP members.

The EDP leadership then announced that David Allen would be the party’s candidate.

UKIP have not nominated a candidate but they are supporting Mayor Davies in his bid for re-election.

Of the 40+ contests in which the EDP are taking part on 2nd May 2013 this one in Doncaster is the only one where they have even the slimmest chance of succeeding.

Full list of candidates;

John BROWN: Lib’ Dem’.
Peter DAVIES: Ind.
Martin DRAKE: Con.
Ros JONES: Lab.
Michael MAYE: Ind.
Dave OWEN: NF.
Tony WARD: Ind.
Doug WRIGHT: Save Your Services

The EDP is calling on all members and supporters in the midlands and north to help to win this contest.

They may have left it too late!


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