A Happy St George’s Day story.

England Watch hopes that all of our readers and those who love England worldwide have had, are having and will have a very Happy St George’s Day.

English nationalists still have quite a way to go to get our Patron saint’s day recognised by those in authority and by the ordinary people in England.
There are still far too few flags flying from buildings and cars but quite a number of pubs, (well the ones that are still open), holding special events, a number of councils and organisations are marking the day and in West Bromwich the Stone Cross St George’s Parade is still the largest in the world.

Many people believe that today should be a national holiday in England and at least one company believes so too.

Doncaster based ‘One Call Insurance’ has given its entire non-emergency staff the day off.

Well done to the bosses there, we believe that other companies should do the same next year.

Maybe if English people knew that companies, such as ‘One Call’, were prepared to put patriotism before profit they would favour such companies over foreign owned firms. If this were publicised it may spur other companies to do the same in future.

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From small acorns mighty English Oaks will grow.


One thought on “A Happy St George’s Day story.

  1. I am a British Nationalist – i.e., one who cherishes the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (as a whole) – without being either a Member of the BNP or an English Nationalist, but I nevertheless support the campaign to make St George’s Day a bank holiday and to encourage companies and individuals to fly the Cross of St George on St George’s Day in England alongside the Union Flag just as all self-respecting companies and individuals should fly the saltire in Scotland, the Flag of St David in Wales and the Cross of St Patrick in Ulster on 30th November, 1st March and 17th March respectively.

    May I wish one and all a very happy, healthy and prosperous St George’s Day as one reaffirms the axiom that “there will always be an England!”

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