English Democrats Growing Membership!

Ever since 2009 Robin Tilbrook and Steve Uncles have claimed that the EDP has a membership of 3,500 and is growing, as you will see from the extract from his Blog below nothing has changed in 4 years.

The following is from Mr Tilbrook’s Blog.
Anonymous14 April 2013 21:15
If we apply the same criteria to membership as you have just done to the Tories, then using the figures provided your membership is around 700.

Your pressing liabilites are based in Kent as you are no doubt aware 🙂

Robin Tilbrook17 April 2013 20:39
Not at all our accounts, just about to be published, show that we have over 3,500 paid up members – and growing!

Mr Tilbrook is the party chairman and leader, he will know the figures and from what he says the party accounts will demonstrate the truth of his claim.
If true it begs the question; ‘Why if the membership is 3,500 has the party found it impossible to find even 35 people willing to stand openly, using their own name in the county elections next week.
We are used to candidates in the Monster Raving Looney Party and maybe the Idle Toad Party using fictitious names but it is unknown for a group claiming to be a serious political party to have to resort to these stunts.
In previous years Dartford has been held up as the ‘great hope’ for the EDP, next week the party will not even offer a candidate in all six divisions.
Michael Walters, Chairman of Medway EDP has pulled out of the contest for Dartford NE though two candidates that seem to be living with him, Liz Uncles and Steves Uncle, are still standing in Tonbridge & Malling. (These are not the real names of these people and at this stage we do not intend to print their names or their address).
With 3,500 paid up members it should not have been too difficult to have found a few more people who were not too embarrassed to use their real names in support of the party.
Paper candidate are fine, paper members is just very sad!


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