English Democrats Party Kent Day of Action.

Sunday 27th April is the date of the Kent Day of Action for the County elections.

It isn’t really a ‘Kent day of action’ as all of the activity will take place in the three divisions of Gravesham. Presumably the rest of the EDP candidates in Kent will be busy with their normal day of ‘inaction’.

It is not too long ago that the EDP were promoting Dartford as the party’s target district, this time around they were not even able to field a full slate of candidates. Michael Walters was to have stood in Dartford NE but withdrew saying that there would be no campaign in Dartford.

Gravesham District is divided into three county divisions.

Gravesham Rural returns one councillor.
Gravesham East returns two councillors.
Northfleet & Gravesham West returns two councillors.

The English Democrats is standing one candidate in each division.

EDP history in each of the divisions is as follows.

Gravesham East.
2005 No candidate.
2009 Liz Painter…1425…8.8%
2013 Andrew Mee…

Gravesham Rural.
2005 No candidate.
2009 Steve Foreman…740…10.8%.
2013 Steven Clegg…

Northfleet & Gravesham West.
2005 No candidate.
2009 Lisa Foreman…1178…7.1%
2013 Steven Francis-Weatherall…

Whilst not in the area of action on Sunday, three other divisions that may be worth watching are;

Dartford West
2005 No candidate.
2009 Jo Shipham…1263…26.0%
2013 Milly Uncles…

Sevenoaks Swanley
2005 No candidate.
2009 Steven Uncles…833…22.9%
2013 Steven Uncles…

Sevenoaks NE.
2005 John Marshall…396…4.3%
2009 Louise Uncles…1091…21.0%
2013 Louise Uncles…

In 2009 Jo Shipham in Dartford West won a higher percentage of the popular vote than any other EDP candidate. These are big shoes for young Amelia to try to fill at her first outing as a candidate.


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