Police Investigate ‘Bogus’ English Democrats candidate(s)!

From ‘KentOnline’

“Police probe English Democrats’ Anna Cleves amid fake candidates claims ahead of Kent County Council elections.

by Stuart Woledge and political editor Paul Francis

Allegations of bogus candidates have prompted police to launch a fraud investigation ahead of next week’s county council elections, it has been revealed.
The right-wing English Democrats are at the centre of the inquiry following a complaint at least one of the nationalist party’s candidates does not appear to exist.”


“Neither police nor the local authority would confirm exactly how many identities were being probed, but the alleged fraud does not apply to all English Democrats candidates or any other party.”

Steve Uncles is claiming that he was set up and that the ‘EDP candidate’ Anna Cleves was an ‘April Fool’ joke by someone.

If this is true why did he post on his Blog that Anna Cleves joined the EDP after leaving UKIP because of sexual advances from a man he refers to as ‘Rob’?

Also on England Watch, in a reply to our article “Desperate Times for the English Democrats in Kent” he posted;

“There are 25 English Democrats members with accepted nominations in Kent in 2013.”

If she is a ‘joke’ played upon him by others why does he state that she is an English Democrat member?

Not the sort of publicity a serious party would wish for two days ahead of its ‘Day of Action’ in Gravesham!


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