English Democrats Lose over 500 members in eleven Days?

Whether it is the scandal over the ‘bogus’ candidate(s) in Kent, the almost total lack of candidates outside of the Thames-side counties or some other reason Mr Tilbrook seems to have confirmed that Membership is falling at an alarming rate.

On the 10th April he posted an article on his Blog regarding UKIP membership.


Seven days later, in reply to a comment regarding EDP membership he stated.

Robin Tilbrook17 April 2013 20:39

Not at all our accounts, just about to be published, show that we have over 3,500 paid up members – and growing!

Just 11 days later, on the 28th April in an article he had published in The Backbencher;


He says;
The English Democrats are the principal English Nationalist Party and which has grown organically from our launch in August 2002 to nearly 3,000 members.

England Watch realises that such a drastic loss of members may not actually be the case, it is more than likely that Mr Tilbrook hasn’t got a clue as to how many, or few, members his party has and just throws out a figure.

It is just embarrassing for him and the party that he seems unable to remember which figure he used just 11 days earlier!


3 thoughts on “English Democrats Lose over 500 members in eleven Days?

  1. To be fair, I actually did cancel my membership within 11 days. I didnt support the comments made by a member from Merseyside, which was featured in the England Awake magazine, which was in my membership pack. I wish the genuine pragmatic members every success.

  2. Further to my reply of 29/4/13, I think the EDP need members who are pragmatic and dedicated to helping all the people of England.

    • The EDP also needs members who are willing to put money into the party coffers. The problem is that Mr Tilbrook and Mr Uncles are owed over £200,000 in loans to the party. If the EDP is to survive and progress the loans need to be converted into donations but that would mean that the two named would loose their hold on the party.

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