The EDP can be relied upon to be unreliable.

Steve Uncles had yet another political scoop on his Blog yesterday regarding the Doncaster Mayoral election;

“English Democrats “Out Poll” UKIP 20 to 1 in Doncaster Postal Vote Returns ……
Posted by English Passport on April 28, 2013 •

English Democrats “Out Poll” UKIP 20 to 1 in Doncaster Postal Vote Returns ……
English Passport has reliably been informed that at the Doncaster Postal Vote opening sessions, the English Democrats are out polling UKIP on a ration of over 20-1.
This is very encouraging not only for Doncaster, but also for the rest of England”.

We wondered who Mr. Uncles’ reliable informer was in this instance and why UKIP were doing so badly.

After many hours of pouring over the statistics and telephoning various people who may have a ‘take’ on this issue England Watch has arrived at a possible reason for such a huge disparity between the EDP vote and that of UKIP.

Please bear with us as it is a rather complicated explanation as to why the EDP has so many more postal votes than UKIP.

Here goes!
UKIP is not standing in this election and the party name is not on the ballot paper.

Mr Uncles seems not to have bothered to check his facts before posting his encouraging news, again.

PS. Is it a criminal offence to divulge electoral information before the officially designated hour?


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