ENGLISH (democrats) CIVIL WAR!

With just one day left before much of England goes to the polls in the county elections we are beginning to hear, both first and second-hand reports of serious splits developing with in the EDP.
The main theatre of operations is in Kent where two factions seem to be forming, one around Steve Uncles, South East Area Chairman, candidate for Swanley and election agent for a set of rather ‘odd candidates’ in Tonbridge & Malling, at least some of whom are reported to be under police investigation.

His opponent in this damaging rift is Michael Walters, Chairman of Medway EDP, Chairman of Kent EDP, Secretary of the South East Area of the EDP and agent for the 3 EDP candidates in Gravesham.

Initially Mr Walters was a candidate for Dartford NE but he withdrew his nomination saying that there would be no campaign in Dartford.

If their exchanges on facebook are anything to go by then acrimonious is putting it quite mildly. Mr Walters seems not too happy about the way in which Mr Uncles has ‘organised’ the Kent ‘candidates’ and he appears to be running the Gravesham campaign separate to the rest of Kent.

As to the row over ‘Anna Cleves’, he has not exactly rushed to Mr Uncles defence, though he has quipped about cakes and files. We have yet to hear whether he knew that two of Mr Uncles ‘candidates’, Liz Uncles and Steves Uncle, have given his address as their own on the nomination forms.

Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the EDP has also been publicly silent, there has been nothing on his Blog since St George’s Day.

The other main EDP supporting Blog, Chris Beverley’s Morley Patriot, has also decided not to mention, or defend, Mr Uncles.

Rumour has it that Mr Uncles is very much yesterday’s man and moves are afoot to remove him from his posts.
As they say, “watch this space.”


One thought on “ENGLISH (democrats) CIVIL WAR!

  1. Well Tilbrook has slavishly supported him over everything he’s done so far so I don’t see why it would change now and even if it is it’s a bit late. Bit like their former BNP candidates told not to stand.

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