Poll Disaster for EDP Chairman Robin Tilbrook.

The Full list of English nationalist election results will be posted by England Watch tomorrow but the Essex ones have been declared and it has proved to be a personal disaster for Robin Tilbrook compared to 4 years ago.

2009 Ongar Rural….Robin Tilbrook….505…..11.34%
2013 Ongar Rural… Robin Tilbrook….93….3.21%……6th out of 6.

His wife and son fared little better yesterday;

Brentwood South…Oliver Tilbrook….31….0.74%…..6th out of 6.
Broomfield & Writtle… Claire Breed…51…1.13%…..6th out of 6.

The only glimmer of hope in Essex came, as usual, from John Hayter and although his vote fell his percentage of the vote rose but he still only came 5th out of 6.

2009 Rayleigh North….John Hayter….718….13.12%
2013 Rayleigh North….John Hayter….660….16.03%


2 thoughts on “Poll Disaster for EDP Chairman Robin Tilbrook.

  1. ……. What did they expect? You’d have to be a BNP sympathiser, and a deranged one at that, to vote for the shower of …. that Tilbrook has turned the EDP into.

    It’s one thing to make a public disgrace of oneself but I’m surprised that Robin has dragged his family into this embarrassing mess. Mind you, Steve Uncles has done the same thing to his long suffering wife and children, so Robin is probably just following Uncles’ lead. Where else are they going to get candidates from if not from their own rotten families? Well, I suppose they could always invent candidates….

  2. If I were Mr Still Broke, I would have cut my losses, in terms any possible remaining dignity as well as finance, a long time ago. Robin, give it up. You’re making yourself and, more importantly, the English political cause, look very stupid.

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