New England Party; County Election Results 2013.

As we have posted earlier the NEP is just a puppet party of the EDP. Indeed the two candidates shown below are listed as EDP candidates on their Blogs.

Steve Uncles claimed that it was an ‘experiment’ resurrecting the NEP after 6 years.

As we have also said before small parties should never put more than one candidate in a multiple Division anyone wishing to give one vote to the NEP has no idea who is th prime candidate. Placed in separate Divisions they may have both benefited, as it is they occupy the 14th and 15th places.

Kent….Herne Bay….Mike Tibby….193….1.5%….14th out of 15.
Kent….Herne Bay….Nathan King….119…..1.0%….15th out of 15.

We have heard that a few EDP members in the South East are considering asking Mike Tibby to re-launch the NEP as a respectable, and BNP-free, alternative to the EDP.


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