EDP ‘NON-County’ Results on 2nd May 2013.

In addition to the Doncaster Mayoral election and 37 county council contests in England the EDP also stood in 4 By-elections in Northamptonshire. The 3 candidates in these were also county candidates on the same day.
The results are;
Kettering Borough Council, Avondale Grange ward.
Derek Hilling, EDP….52….5.4%….4th out of 5.

Kettering Borough Council, Welland ward.
Kevin Sills, EDP….14…1.4%….5th out of 5.

Wellingborough Borough Council, Redwell West ward
Rob Walker, EDP….35….4.0%….4th out of 4.

Rothwell Town Council, Tresham ward. (Kettering)
Kevin Sills, EDP….15…1.6%….5th out of 5.

The result in Welland ward, whilst not being the smallest percentage of the vote, has the lowest number of votes of any EDP contest on the day!


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