English Democrat’s BNP intake starts to move up the ladder!

Kent has always been at the forefront of everything that the EDP has done.

The first EDP councillors, courtesy of a merger with the New England Party.

Constantly the county with the highest number of candidates, though not all of them real.

It has now made history for another reason; Kent becomes the first English shire where the EDP has appointed a County Chairman from their BNP intake.

Claudia Bryan, AKA Claudia Dalgleish, was once the darling of the BNP circuit and a close confidant of Nick Griffin.

There have been other ex-BNP members appointed to chairmanships at branch level, Chris Beverley in Leeds is the most notable though others in Southend, Broxtowe etc but it is thought to be the first time that one of that group has been appointed as a county chair.

The reason that she has been appointed, presumably an election will take place soon, is her predecessor, Michael Walters, has resigned from the post. We understand that he has also resigned from the EDP and has applied to join the Conservative Party; if true he will be joining a number of his former EDP Medway branch colleagues including a councillor.

Mr Walters has not yet made his reasons for resigning public but it is no secret that he is non-too-pleased at having to answer Police questions regarding Steve Uncles ‘dodgy’ candidates, two of whom were listed as living with him. There have also been a number of ‘non-too-friendly’ spats on their facebook pages.

All will be revealed in due course!


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