England Watch has been ‘savaged’ by ‘English Passport’.

England Watch has been ‘savaged’ by ‘English Passport’ over its item on the English People’s Party election result.

From English Passport
There is a completely incompetent buffoon who claims “to know” about English Nationalist politics, and posts idiotic information on his blog “England Watch”
His/Her main argument is that the English Democrats are “doing” English Nationalism in the wrong way, with the wrong policies, with wrong tactics and with the wrong personalities.
The owner of “England Watch” holds up the English Peoples Party, as the solution to the “wrong way” that the English Democrats go about politics – the English Peoples Party,who are no doubt doing things “the right way” put up ONE candidate.
So when (like the English Democrats) the English People’s Party vote gets taken apart, due to UKIP standing against them with Wall to Wall UKIP TV coverge, the owner of the “England Watch” is surprised with the result
It just sums up the thinking and ignorance of the cretin who writes for England Watch, completely no idea, no strategy, no common sense.
(The candidate who stood up for England with the English Peoples Party deserves credit)

Four points.
We would never, never use the word personalities in reference to the EDP.
The item did not say that any party has the solution.
No ‘surprise was mentioned or indicated, simply an opinion as to the possible feelings of the candidate.
Please, please, please use a grammar and spell check!


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