‘Peter Davies’ by Robin Tilbrook.

Mr Tilbrook, “As I am often asked about what happened with Peter Davies I will set it out here and then leave it. Peter was our party’s first great electoral success and….”
The rest can be found here;


Recently Mr Tilbrook seems to have found an old Latin phrase book and has taken to quote and mis-translate some well-known ones.

His subtitle to the Peter Davies article seems to be a code explaining a mystery from the Kent County elections last week.

In Tonbridge and Malling there are six electoral divisions, Steve Uncles, as election agent ‘found’ five ‘candidates’ for the EDP. These included ‘Anna Cleves, Liz Uncles, Steves Uncle and Helen Stevens’. From the day that the nominations were published it has puzzled many, including England Watch, why there was one, Tonbridge, missing?

Thanks to Mr Tilbrook we now have the answer,

“Sic transit Gloria Mundi”.

Yes the EDP prospective candidate, Gloria Mundi, threw up in the back of the van and was too late to hand in her nomination!



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