Will UKIP be the New English nationalism?

An interesting article from the Guardian.


“In England, the de facto nationalist party is Ukip, proudly pitched on the populist right…………………….

That their rise is an almost uniquely English story is self-evident: they currently score 23% in England, but only 2% and 6% respectively in Scotland and Wales. Their surge is also driven by men rather than women, by a ratio of nearly 2:1.”


2 thoughts on “Will UKIP be the New English nationalism?

  1. Could you rename this blog English Democrats watch as it has almost nothing of note about other English Nationalist parties or groups.

    • In answer to your question. No!
      We are a small team and do our best to keep up with events, we have posted items on the EDP the New England Party and the English People’s Party in recent weeks.
      If you have any connection to an English nationalist party or group then please feel free to send us information on or links to yourselves.

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