Dartford By-Election. EDP RIP?

On the 27th June there will be a by-election in Newtown ward of Dartford Borough Council. Dartford was once the heart of the EDP presence in the South of England, the party has stood more candidates there than any other district in England.

Candidates for this election are;
Lab’. David Baker.
UKIP. Ivan Burch.
Con’. Rosanna Currans

You do see it correctly, another EDP no-show and in its former number 1 target for a seat in Parliament.

Newtown is a three member ward and the EDP just stood a single candidate in 2007. Previous EDP results in this ward are as follows.

2007 Jim Read, 319…. 6.95%

2011 Darren Staines, 265…. 4.61%
2011 Jim Read, 225…. 3.91%
2011 Louise Uncles, 213…. 3.71%

In the Borough Elections in 2007 the EDP stood 24 candidates in Dartford, including 3 in Newtown ward.

In the County Elections in May 2013 the EDP only managed 24 in the whole of Kent, and as we know not all of those actually existed. The EDP managed 5 candidates in the 6 divisions in Dartford.

In the by-election on the 27th June the EDP is unable to find anyone even willing to stand as a paper candidate in Dartford.

Maybe Anna Cleves was on holiday in Germany!


2 thoughts on “Dartford By-Election. EDP RIP?

  1. Perhaps the people of Newtown are not prepared to be represented by small-minded ****** bigots.

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