English Workers ‘paying’ to lose their jobs!

Let’s see how this works!

Taxpayers in England ‘give’ their money to the UK Government.

The UK Government gives some of that money to the Scottish Government as Grants.

The Scottish Government gives £7,000,000 of that to Hewlett Packard as an inducement to move its offices to Scotland.

Hewlett Packard gives its workers (taxpayers) in Sheffield a backward glance as it heads for the bank.

England Watch says that this is totally wrong.

By | Paul Kunert 17th June 2013 09:29
HP sacks English employees to bag Scots gov jobs cash
My taxes went to Scotland and all I got was this lousy P45
HP will axe workers in Sheffield and shunt their roles to Renfrewshire in Scotland to bag a £7m grant from the Scottish government, the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) trade union claims.
It’s understood the multimillion-pound grant from the public purse is a reward for boosting local employment.
About a third of support workers at HP’s offices in the City of Steel face the chop – that’s 124 of 350, according to the PCS which has 1,500 unionised members working for the tech goliath.
An HP spokesman confirmed to The Register the planned overhaul of the regional offices.
“We have informed our employees recently about some work that will transition from our Sheffield site to our Regional Delivery Centres in Newcastle and Erskine [in Renfrewshire],” the PR man said.
The Sheffield site will remain open as other parts of HP’s business are run from those premises, he added. It was first opened by EDS to attract graduates from the two universities based in Sheffield.

In fiscal 2011, the Scottish government made a “regional selective assistance grant” of £7m to HP Enterprise Services, under the expectation the vendor will create 721 new jobs in Erskine. The PCS said £3.5m of that has already been paid.
HP is taking jobs elsewhere from the country to get £3.5m of taxpayer money to do work in the public sector, that is an issue for me. Pitting one area of the country against another sounds a bit sleazy,” said Brown.

The full article can be found here,



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