English Democrats Party to lose another Councillor!

2013 is continuing to be the ‘Annus horribilis’ for the EDP.
On-going Police investigations into the candidates in the Kent county elections, a total absence of by-election candidates since 2nd May and now the loss of yet another councillor.

“Elliott Fountain will be thrown off Boston Borough Council for not attending a meeting in six months.
Coun Fountain, an English Democrat who represented the Fenside ward, has not showed up to a meeting since the full council assembled on January 24.
He would have been able to keep his seat by attending full council on Monday but that has been postponed due to a lack of business.

As a result he will cease to be a councillor on July 25 and a byelection will be held on September 5.

Coun Fountain told The Standard he did not believe he will lose his seat, saying he would be ‘gobsmacked and shocked’.

A council spokesman, however, confirmed that the rules set out by the Local Government Act mean members have to attend at least one meeting in six consecutive months.

Coun Fountain said there are ‘mitigating circumstances’ surrounding his non-attendance but did not wish to go into them further.”

Original article here,

This means that the EDP has just ONE councillor in the whole of England, former BNP councillor David Owen represents the same ward on Boston council as Elliot Fountain.


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