The English Rose shows signs of wilting.

There are two EDP candidates in local elections this month, July! We have not been in a position to write that since the 2nd of May. For a party, the Chairman of which claims sustained growth, this lack of candidates should be very worrying.

The two contests are in Walsall on the 15th and Doncaster on the 22nd. There does not appear to be a single mention of either of these on the EDP website, Mr Tilbrook’s Blog or the various Blogs of Steve Uncles. The only reference that we have been able to find, and that is only for the Doncaster election, is on Chris Beverley’s ‘Morley Patriot Blog’.

As the EDP shrinks it is having to rely on a, dwindling, number of regular candidates to keep the flag flying.

David Allen seems to be the candidate for Doncaster.
Kevin Sills is the usual candidate for the Kettering area.
Chris Newey is the member for Walsall and North Birmingham.
Chris Beverley is the name in Leeds.
Elliott Fountain was the flag-carrier in Lincolnshire, until he moved, lost interest and was kicked off Boston Council.

In other districts the party has been unable, or unwilling, to put forward candidates. Most noticeable recently was the absence of an EDP presence in the Dartford By-election in June, even though it had five candidates there in May.

Also in June 2013 a By-election was held in Salford, the EDP had four candidates in May 2012 but zero for this one.

On the 22nd August, the same day as the Doncaster contest, there are two By-elections in Scarborough and one in Lincoln. There was an EDP presence in the 2012 local elections in both of these authorities but nothing now.

In the first two weeks in September we know of elections in at least six authorities where the EDP has stood candidates in the past eighteen months. It will be interesting to see how many candidates they can find this time.

Far from showing signs of advancement in the numbers of both members and candidates the EDP seems to be in full retreat.

English nationalists are in dire need of a party that is democratic, well lead, untainted and believable.

There is no sign of such a beast!


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