English Democrat Result in Barnsley 26th September 2013.


Robert Frost….Lab….1240…66.8%
Neil Robinson….UKIP….457…24.6%
Clive Watkinson….Con….81…4.4%
Kevin Riddiough…EDP…78…4.2%

The EDP has contested this ward before;
3rd May 2012…. Gary Carnell….192….8%


The Official (Part) List of EDP E.U. Election Candidates.

Quite strange this, for months now the various EDP sites have been telling us that the party’s Nine Lead candidates will be announced at the Party Conference in Leicester. That was last Saturday.

We now find that only seven candidates have actually been put in place by the Leaders. We say put in place as there does not seem to have been any selection process carried out in the various Regions, there has been no obvious announcements of hustings or shortlists or even voting, unless it was very secret.

The actual Lead candidates, in the Regions that have been announced, point to just how much the EDP has suffered from the large number of resignations since it opened its doors to former BNP activists.

The partial list is as follows.

East of England….Robin Tilbrook.
East Midlands….Kevin Sills.
London….To be announced in October.
North East England ….Kevin Riddiough.
North West England ….Stephen Morris.
South East England ….To be announced in October.
South West England…..Alan England.
West Midlands….Derek Hilling.
Yorkshire and The Humber….Christopher Beverley.

The biggest surprise is what is missing, within a few days of the disastrous County council elections in May 2013 Steve Uncles converted his ‘Steve Uncles Kent County councillor 2013’ site to ‘Steve Uncles-Prospective MEP Candidate-South East England European Region’ site.

Could the reason for his non-announcement be anything to do with investigations into ‘candidates’ in the KCC elections? Just a thought!

The geography of where the candidates are standing is quite telling too. It is common, though not a prerequisite, for the lead candidates to live in the Region for which they are standing. This has always proved a problem for the EDP in the past and is so this time.

In the North East, always its weakest area, the candidate lives in Barnsley.
The West Midlands candidate hails from Kettering.
The candidate for the South West lives in North Yorkshire.

In fact, of the seven regional candidates unveiled to date 3 are from Yorkshire and 2 from Northamptonshire, these are the only two counties that have displayed any form of active organisation recently.

The saga will continue!

1st Reports from the EDP Conference.

The EDP has not been very forthcoming with information but some has been released.

News received so-far from the EDP Conference in Leicester includes.

The EDP members present have voted ‘unanimously’ in favour of adopting a policy of Independence for England. For the past 14 years it has held strongly to a federal policy.

Mike Tibby is made life President of his area for his services to both the party and the English cause. (South East or Kent?)

Roger Cooper is also made life President of his area for services to both the party and the English cause. (London?)

More will follow as soon as it is received!

An EDP EU candidate list? Only joking!

Later today the English Democrats Party should be announcing its lead candidates for the nine English regions in the 2014 European elections. We are not sure how they have been selected as there has been very little signs of membership ballots.

However, after all the fun of the ‘Mike Nattress is the first EDP MEP’ fiasco England Watch has decided to have its own little bit of fun by putting together a list from what we have heard over the past few weeks.

East of England..Robin Tilbrook.
East Midlands..Stephen Goldspink.
London..Stephen Clegg.
North East ..Kevin Riddiough.
North West ..Stephen Morris.
South East ..Steven Uncles.
South West..Derek Hilling.
West Midlands..David Lane.
Yorkshire & Humberside..David Allen.

Although, on previous form they could decide to go with the ‘celebrity candidates’!

East of England..Boudicca. (To attract the feminist vote).
East Midlands…Robin Hood. (To attract the romantic’s vote).
London..Dick Whittington. (To attract the animal lovers vote).
North East ..George Stephenson. (To attract the workingman’s vote).
North West ..George Formby. (To attract the music lovers vote).
South East ..St Augustine. (To attract the religious vote.).
South West..Sir Walter Raleigh. (To attract the nautical vote.)
West Midlands..William Shakespeare. (To attract the intellectual vote).
Yorkshire & Humberside..James Cook. (To attract the imperialist vote).

In reality there are more likely to be more correct names in the first list than in the second.

As stated it is all good fun!

First English Parliament since 1707!

According to Party Chairman Robin Tilbrook this will be taking place at the EDP conference on Saturday 21st October 2013.
This pronouncement was made the same day as he welcomed Mike Nattress MEP as a member of of his party. Unfortunately Mr Nattress quickly confirmed that he was not joining the EDP, he also cancelled his headline speech to the conference on Saturday afternoon, (as someone almost said) an hour is a long time in EDP politics.

By virtue of the fact that Mr Nattress has cancelled his spot the English Parliament will be able sit for longer than the 30 or-so minutes allotted originally.

OK, let’s get real, this is a stunt, an attempt to gain a little publicity in a week that is, to put it mildly, farcical.

In 1707 the union of the crowns of England and Scotland became a political union and the United Kingdom Parliament replaced those of Westminster and Edinburgh.

The EDP want us to believe that a small group of, overwhelmingly, middle-aged men are going to re-create our Parliament in a small room in a hotel in Leicester.

It may suite Mr Tilbrook’s ego to preside over a ‘parliament’ consisting of about 40-50 people, non of whom have ever been elected to any body, all of them belonging to single right-wing party and who are willing to put up with the antics that seem to have gone on in the Kent elections.

God knows the UK Parliament is bad for England but even that is better than a tiny, un-elected, one party dictatorship.

We await with anticipation The Leader’s announcement of his cabinet.

Nattrass joins the EDP or not!

Robin Tibrook claims that former UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass has joined the EDP just days after sources said that he would be fighting as an Independent.

Report from the Birmingham Mail.


Nikki Sinclair slams his move to an ‘extremist’ party.

Mr Nattrass however says that he has not joined the EDP!


We are posting the original from the Birmingham Mail as it may be removed at some stage, it already seems to have been removed from the Coventry Telegraph.

“West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has announced that he intends to join the English Democrats Party following his resignation from the UK Independence Party .

Mr Nattrass will stand as the EDP’s West Midlands candidate in the European elections next May.

But fellow West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, also a former UKIP member, slammed his decision to join an “extremist” party.

Robin Tilbrook, the EDP chairman, said: “I am delighted to welcome Mike Nattrass as a member of the English Democrats and look forward to getting him re-elected as an English Democrat MEP.

“Over the coming year Scottish Independence will be in focus as they face the Scottish Independence referendum.

“The English Democrats are England’s equivalent to that party and our conference will debate further one of our key policy proposals, independence for England.”

However, Ms Sinclaire said: “I am saddened to hear that Mike has today joined the English Democrats.

“Since 2010 the English Democrats, have been infiltrated by those deserting the infighting of the BNP, who have been in meltdown since the General Election and now contain and tolerate some of the most undesirable and disgusting people in our society.’’

‘’By joining them, Mike is damaging his legacy and reputation. All his good work will now be overlooked because of the company he has chosen to keep.’’

Mr Nattrass left UKIP last week after criticising the leadership of Nigel Farage .

The English Democrats launched in 2002 and campaigns for St George’s Day to be England’s national holiday; for Jerusalem to be England’s National Anthem; for a Referendum to leave the EU; for an end to mass immigration; for the Cross of St George to be flown on all public buildings in England

From the Birmingham Mail on the evening of the first day!


More to follow on this story later.

English Democrats Party Goes for the Double in Barnsley.

The Barnsley branch of the EDP has managed an unusual double for the party these days; it has two candidates standing at the same time.

On the 26th September Kevin Riddiough is standing in Wombwell Ward, two weeks later Justin Saxton is the party’s candidate in the by-election in Royston ward.

Barnsley MBC, Royston Ward.
10th October 2013.

Mark Baker….BNP….
Paul Buckley….Con….
James Johnson….UKIP….
Caroline Makinson….Lab….
Justin Saxton….EDP….

Voters anywhere to the left of the political spectrum are not exactly spoilt for choice!

The EDP last contested this ward on 3rd May 2012, the result was as follows;

Royston Ward…..Paul Robinson….73….3.13%

Of the 12 wards that the EDP contested on that day this was its weakest!