EDP in good shape?

There is a post on the British Democracy Forum, from one of the party’s supporters, which says that ‘the EDP is in good shape at the moment’!

As with all posters on this and any other political forum one should be entitled to put forward one’s opinion but it may be worth pointing out that when Mr Tilbrook gave his Chairman’s speech at last September’s EDP conference he was leading a party which could boast;

1 elected Mayor.
1 County councillor.
2 District level councillors.
2 Parish level councillors.

When he gives his address at conference in two weeks’ time he will, providing that Boston Councillor David Owens stays on board, be leading a party with;

1 District level councillor.

As a short reminder of what happened to the above list;

The Mayor left the EDP siting an influx of ex-BNP members into the party.

The county councillor did not defend her seat and the EDP did not put forward a replacement candidate.

One of the District councillors was disqualified from office and lost his seat for not attending a council meeting in six months. Again the EDP did not stand a replacement candidate in the by-election.

The Parish councillors have resigned from the EDP.

In some people’s view this could be described as being in good shape, though whether it is in good shape is debatable, it is most visibly a different shape from twelve months ago.


One thought on “EDP in good shape?

  1. The English Democrat Party that I have been a member of for coming up to 5 years now is becoming more talked about and written about. Students and Young People are becoming more aware of the Party and the Party’s policies specifically Leicester and the local student population there.

    I’m Oliver Healey 24 years old and I am proud to be an English Democrat Party Activist

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