English Democrats MEP?

English Democrats MEP?
As we mentioned in a previous article the EDP conference is being held at the Leicester Hilton on 21st September 2013. Some of the EDP sources are promoting a very special Guest Speaker, Mike Nattrass MEP who has recently resigned from UKIP following his failure to become a candidate for the E U elections.

Whilst all other items relating to the conference refer to it as the English Democrats Conference the announcement of Mr Nattrass’s attendance refers only to an English Conference. Is the removal of ‘Democrat’ Mr Nattrass’s idea or the EDP? His speech is expected to be on the HS2 in England.

England Watch has had a whisper, though not from what passes as the EDP NC, that the hope is that Mr Nattrass will become the party’s first ever MEP and that he will be installed as the EDP lead candidate in the West Midlands for next year’s EU elections.

If this hope does become reality then it would certainly be quite a coup for the party after all of the trials and tribulations of the past 12 months. The money would certainly be most welcome, as would the ‘positive’ publicity!

He may find joining the EDP a little more palatable than it would have been a few months ago as many of the BNP recruits seem to be jumping ship.

If Mr Nattrass MEP were to join the EDP it would be the biggest English nationalist news event since John Stonehouse MP joined the English National Party in April 1976.


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