First English Parliament since 1707!

According to Party Chairman Robin Tilbrook this will be taking place at the EDP conference on Saturday 21st October 2013.
This pronouncement was made the same day as he welcomed Mike Nattress MEP as a member of of his party. Unfortunately Mr Nattress quickly confirmed that he was not joining the EDP, he also cancelled his headline speech to the conference on Saturday afternoon, (as someone almost said) an hour is a long time in EDP politics.

By virtue of the fact that Mr Nattress has cancelled his spot the English Parliament will be able sit for longer than the 30 or-so minutes allotted originally.

OK, let’s get real, this is a stunt, an attempt to gain a little publicity in a week that is, to put it mildly, farcical.

In 1707 the union of the crowns of England and Scotland became a political union and the United Kingdom Parliament replaced those of Westminster and Edinburgh.

The EDP want us to believe that a small group of, overwhelmingly, middle-aged men are going to re-create our Parliament in a small room in a hotel in Leicester.

It may suite Mr Tilbrook’s ego to preside over a ‘parliament’ consisting of about 40-50 people, non of whom have ever been elected to any body, all of them belonging to single right-wing party and who are willing to put up with the antics that seem to have gone on in the Kent elections.

God knows the UK Parliament is bad for England but even that is better than a tiny, un-elected, one party dictatorship.

We await with anticipation The Leader’s announcement of his cabinet.


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