An EDP EU candidate list? Only joking!

Later today the English Democrats Party should be announcing its lead candidates for the nine English regions in the 2014 European elections. We are not sure how they have been selected as there has been very little signs of membership ballots.

However, after all the fun of the ‘Mike Nattress is the first EDP MEP’ fiasco England Watch has decided to have its own little bit of fun by putting together a list from what we have heard over the past few weeks.

East of England..Robin Tilbrook.
East Midlands..Stephen Goldspink.
London..Stephen Clegg.
North East ..Kevin Riddiough.
North West ..Stephen Morris.
South East ..Steven Uncles.
South West..Derek Hilling.
West Midlands..David Lane.
Yorkshire & Humberside..David Allen.

Although, on previous form they could decide to go with the ‘celebrity candidates’!

East of England..Boudicca. (To attract the feminist vote).
East Midlands…Robin Hood. (To attract the romantic’s vote).
London..Dick Whittington. (To attract the animal lovers vote).
North East ..George Stephenson. (To attract the workingman’s vote).
North West ..George Formby. (To attract the music lovers vote).
South East ..St Augustine. (To attract the religious vote.).
South West..Sir Walter Raleigh. (To attract the nautical vote.)
West Midlands..William Shakespeare. (To attract the intellectual vote).
Yorkshire & Humberside..James Cook. (To attract the imperialist vote).

In reality there are more likely to be more correct names in the first list than in the second.

As stated it is all good fun!


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