The Official (Part) List of EDP E.U. Election Candidates.

Quite strange this, for months now the various EDP sites have been telling us that the party’s Nine Lead candidates will be announced at the Party Conference in Leicester. That was last Saturday.

We now find that only seven candidates have actually been put in place by the Leaders. We say put in place as there does not seem to have been any selection process carried out in the various Regions, there has been no obvious announcements of hustings or shortlists or even voting, unless it was very secret.

The actual Lead candidates, in the Regions that have been announced, point to just how much the EDP has suffered from the large number of resignations since it opened its doors to former BNP activists.

The partial list is as follows.

East of England….Robin Tilbrook.
East Midlands….Kevin Sills.
London….To be announced in October.
North East England ….Kevin Riddiough.
North West England ….Stephen Morris.
South East England ….To be announced in October.
South West England…..Alan England.
West Midlands….Derek Hilling.
Yorkshire and The Humber….Christopher Beverley.

The biggest surprise is what is missing, within a few days of the disastrous County council elections in May 2013 Steve Uncles converted his ‘Steve Uncles Kent County councillor 2013’ site to ‘Steve Uncles-Prospective MEP Candidate-South East England European Region’ site.

Could the reason for his non-announcement be anything to do with investigations into ‘candidates’ in the KCC elections? Just a thought!

The geography of where the candidates are standing is quite telling too. It is common, though not a prerequisite, for the lead candidates to live in the Region for which they are standing. This has always proved a problem for the EDP in the past and is so this time.

In the North East, always its weakest area, the candidate lives in Barnsley.
The West Midlands candidate hails from Kettering.
The candidate for the South West lives in North Yorkshire.

In fact, of the seven regional candidates unveiled to date 3 are from Yorkshire and 2 from Northamptonshire, these are the only two counties that have displayed any form of active organisation recently.

The saga will continue!


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