Mr Nattrass has his say on his non-EDP membership!

Mr Nattrass’s version of the EDP saga.
Mr Nattrass has put into public domain his version of the ‘car-crash’ that was the ‘Nattrass/EDP membership’ debacle.

“He told the BBC that he had asked the English Democrats to carry out a “due diligence” test on its membership list, to ensure none of the views expressed by those on it were “abhorrent”.

Mr Nattrass said he had declined to switch to the party until this was completed, but Mr Tilbrook had put out the press release before gaining his authorisation.

He added: “They are being very stupid.”

“I wasn’t satisfied with some of the track records of some of the guys in the English Democrats. What the leadership did was outrageous. You don’t put the statement out until the deal is done,” Mr Nattrass said. “The word for what has happened is ‘childish’.”
The full text can be found here;


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