EDP Candidate in Sheffield, 6th February.

Sheffield City Council

Arbourthorne Ward.

6th February 2014.

Jennyfer Barnard….Green….
Mike Drabble….Lab….
Alan Munro….TUSAC….
Susan Ross….Lib Dem….
Bob Sheridan….UKIP….
Peter Smith….Con….
David Wildgoose….EDP….

No EDP candidate has stood in this ward before but David Wildgoose stood in Birley ward in May 2012 gaining 4.3%.

The EDP stood in two other wards in 2010 and took over 4% in both.


EDPs First Result of the New Year.

Tuesday 7th January.
Swinton South ward of Salford Metropolitan Council.


Neil BLOWER….Lab….661 (45.1%)
Anne BROOMHEAD….Con….298 (20.3%)
Robert WAKEFIELD….UKIP….215 (14.7%)
Joe O’NEILL….Green….196 (13.4%)
Paul WHITELEGG….EDP….54 (3.7%)
Steve CULLEN….TUSAC….43 (2.9%)

The EDP has stood in this ward on two previous occasions with two different candidates to the one today..

4th May 2006….Chris Roscoe….210….7.84%.
3rd May 2012….John Mulcahy….112….4.76%.
7th Jan’ 2014….Paul Whitelegg….54….3.68%.

The number of votes almost halves at each outing!

Will the EDP have a full list of E P candidates in the S.W?

E.D.P. South West Party List for the European Parliamentary elections on 22nd May 2014.

“2014 EU Elections – English Democrats Proposed Party List
(Subject to National Council Approval)

South West England

1/ Alan England
2/ Mike Blundell
3/Clive Lavelle
4/ John Walker-Scott
5/Stephen Wright
6/ Ray Carr”

The Lead candidate in the South West is Alan England, until recently a Parish councillor in his home county of North Yorkshire it is his first time as a candidate for the E U elections. He has stood for election at local level in North Yorkshire and as an EDP candidate for the Welsh Assembly. The last time that he stood as an EDP candidate was in 2007.

Second place candidate is Michael Blundell, the South West is his home region. In the 2004 E.U. elections he was an EDP candidate in the East of England. He has been a candidate for the party at local and Parliamentary level in the S.W. as well as in the Welsh Assembly elections. The last time he stood as an EDP candidate was 2011.

At third place is Clive Lavelle. It seems that this will be his first outing as an EDP candidate.

Fourth on the list is John Walker-Scott. It seems that this will also be his baptism as an EDP candidate.

Fifth is Stephen Wright. Another local in the South West. He was number four on the EDP list in 2009, he has also been a parliamentary candidate as well as standing in local elections, he last stood as an EDP candidate in May 2013.

In the sixth slot is Raymond Carr. He was in fifth position in the 2009 list. Carr, a resident of the South West, has also been a parliamentary candidate as well as standing in local elections, he last stood as an EDP candidate in May 2011.

As the original says, the list is subject to approval from the EDP National Council.