Latest, Full Listing of EDP European Election Candidates.

There follows a list of the proposed EDP candidates for the European Elections in May.
The fact that the party seems to have found 60 people willing to put their names forward to be linked to the party may come as a surprise to some. That aside, what is noticeable is the number of ex-BNP members that have been included in order to reach this target.

The other indicator of a possible struggle to fill the slates is the fact that only in a minority of Regions are the lists composed of ‘local’ members resident in the Region. This is not required or a necessity but in most cases smaller parties that stand do manage to find the, relatively low number of, candidates from the Region.

It is though in the list of Agents that the full lack of organisational strength in depth in the English Regions can be seen.
The job of an agent, in an election where constituencies cover thousands of square miles, can be a full-time one if performed correctly and seriously. In the case of EDP agents, all of them are also candidates, some of them are listed as lead candidates, but very few of them are even agents for their own Region.

The two glaring examples of this lack of expertise, professionalism or even, one could say, of active members are;

Kevin Riddiough, Lead candidate for the North East but also agent for both the North West Region and the Yorkshire & Humber Region.
Alan England, living in Yorkshire he is both the Lead candidate for South West England and agent for North East England. Giving just 50% attention to both would see him engaged in activities from Berwick to Gibraltar. That would be some ask from a fit person.

The list below is the EDP candidates as announced after the gathering in Dartford last Saturday. It may not be the final list of candidates as some may decide not to stand. Readers may notice that there are some changes from lists previously published by the EDP and reproduced on England Watch (E.W. forecast that there would be).

The EDP European Election candidate list as of 15th March 2014.

East Midlands

Agent: – Derek Hilling
1) Kevin Sills
2) David Wickham
3) Oliver Healey
4) John Dowell
5) David Haslett

East of England

Agent: – Charles Vickers
1) Robin Tilbrook
2) Charles Vickers
3) Stephen Goldspink
4) Maria Situmbeko
5) Bridget Cowan
6) Don Whitbread
7) Jeremy Moreton-Moss


Agent: – Steve Uncles
1) Jenny Knight
2) Matthew Roberts
3) Maggi Young
4) Graham Clipperton
5) Gary Butler
6) Nick Capp
7) Louise Dutton
8) Natalie Smith

North East England

Agent: – Alan England
1) Kevin Riddiough
2) Sam Kelly
3) John Lewis

North West England

Agent: – Kevin Riddiough
1) Stephen Morris
2) Paul Rimmer
3) Derek Bullock
4) Paul Whitelegg
5) Steve McEllenborough
6) Laurence Depares
7) Valerie Morris
8) Anthony Backhouse

South East England

Agent: – Steve Clegg
1) Steve Uncles
2) Julia Gasper
3) Amanda Hopwood
4) Simone Clark
5) Steve Clegg
6) Milly Uncles
7) Mike Russell
8) Mike Tibby
9) Doreen Dye
10) William James

South West England

Agent: – Stephen Wright
1) Alan England
2) Mike Blundell
3)) Clive Lavelle
4) Barbara Wright
5) Stephen Wright
6) Ray Carr

West Midlands

Agent: – Kevin Sills
1) Derek Hilling
2) David Lane
3) Fred Bishop
4) Steve Paxton
5) Chris Newey
6) Charles Hayward
7) Margaret Stoll

Yorkshire and the Humber

Agent: – Kevin Riddiough
1) Chris Beverley
2) David Wildgoose
3) Ian Sutton
4) Colin Porter
5) Tom Redmond
6) David Allen

A fuller analysis of each Region will be published after nominations close in April.


Is it EDP R.I.P in Kent?

England Watch asks this question in all seriousness.

In the 2013 County Council elections in Kent last year the EDP managed to get 24 names on ballot papers, unfortunately for the party, and even more so for Mr Uncles who is now in the middle of a court case, not all of them actually existed.
This May the EDP intends to field ten candidates in the South East Regional List for the E.U. elections.

Before these elections there are two other elections taking place in Kent, in fact they are in the former EDP stronghold of Dartford, home of said Mr Uncles. One may expect that the EDP would stand in these local elections as part of its preparation for the E.U show a few weeks later.

One of the most frequently pushed accusations by the party is that it is deliberately ignored by the Media! Surely therefore it is even more important to fight as many of these local elections as possible to counteract this and to show the party name in as positive light as possible?

Could this failure to stand in these two elections be put down to a cock-up or to human error? It would seem not.

Since the electoral disaster of last May there have been ten local council by-elections held in Kent, four of them in Dartford, yet the EDP has failed to stand a candidate in a single one of them.

In a way it is understandable that no one has stood, with the continuing repercussions of last May and the on-going court-case it would be a very foolhardy individual that would risk the inevitable, ‘guilt by association’ label that could be attached to them.

The EDP are still highlighting the fact that they won the Mayoralty in Doncaster in 2009 but that seems a long, long time ago now.

A lot of good people have left the party since then and a lot of bad decisions have been made by those in charge!

English Democrats E.U. List update.

Third, (March), Update of English Democrat Party E.U. Election Candidates!

As the European Union elections begin to creep over the horizon England Watch will be presenting updates of the who and where EDP candidates are standing.

We will also be on the look-out for any other English nationalist candidates, but with a near-guaranteed loss of £5,000 per region we are not expecting any.

These are the candidates that had been announced by 1st March 2014. It is understood that not all have been ratified as yet. A full(er) list is expected after the EDP meeting on 15th March.

East of England
There are 7 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 7 candidates.
1/ Robin Tilbrook.

East Midlands.
There are 5 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 5 candidates.
1/ Kevin Sills.

There are 8 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 8 candidates.
1/ Jenny Knight.

North East England.
There are 3 seats available, in the 2009 election the EDP stood 3 candidates.
1/ Kevin Riddiough.

North West England.
There are 8 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 8 candidates.
1/ Stephen Morris.
2/ Paul Rimmer.

South East England.
There are 10 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 10 candidates.
1/ Steve Uncles.
2/ Julia Gasper.
3/ Amanda Hopwood.
4/ Steve Clegg.
5/ Simone Clarke.
6/ Milly Uncles.
7/ Mike Russell.
8/ Mike Tibby.
9/ Robert Sulley.
10/ David Knight.

South West England.
There are 6 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 6 candidates.
1/ Alan England
2/ Mike Blundell
3/Clive Lavelle
4/ John Walker-Scott
5/Stephen Wright
6/ Ray Carr.

West Midlands.
There are 8 seats available, in the 2009 election the EDP stood 7 candidates*.
1/ Derek Hilling.

Yorkshire and the Humber.
There are 6 seats available; in the 2009 election the EDP stood 6 candidates.
1/ Christopher Beverley.

As we draw closer to the close of nominations in April 2014 more candidates will be added but some existing ones may be removed.

* In the 2009 elections there were only 7 seats in the West Midlands Region, an 8th was added in 2011.