Latest, Full Listing of EDP European Election Candidates.

There follows a list of the proposed EDP candidates for the European Elections in May.
The fact that the party seems to have found 60 people willing to put their names forward to be linked to the party may come as a surprise to some. That aside, what is noticeable is the number of ex-BNP members that have been included in order to reach this target.

The other indicator of a possible struggle to fill the slates is the fact that only in a minority of Regions are the lists composed of ‘local’ members resident in the Region. This is not required or a necessity but in most cases smaller parties that stand do manage to find the, relatively low number of, candidates from the Region.

It is though in the list of Agents that the full lack of organisational strength in depth in the English Regions can be seen.
The job of an agent, in an election where constituencies cover thousands of square miles, can be a full-time one if performed correctly and seriously. In the case of EDP agents, all of them are also candidates, some of them are listed as lead candidates, but very few of them are even agents for their own Region.

The two glaring examples of this lack of expertise, professionalism or even, one could say, of active members are;

Kevin Riddiough, Lead candidate for the North East but also agent for both the North West Region and the Yorkshire & Humber Region.
Alan England, living in Yorkshire he is both the Lead candidate for South West England and agent for North East England. Giving just 50% attention to both would see him engaged in activities from Berwick to Gibraltar. That would be some ask from a fit person.

The list below is the EDP candidates as announced after the gathering in Dartford last Saturday. It may not be the final list of candidates as some may decide not to stand. Readers may notice that there are some changes from lists previously published by the EDP and reproduced on England Watch (E.W. forecast that there would be).

The EDP European Election candidate list as of 15th March 2014.

East Midlands

Agent: – Derek Hilling
1) Kevin Sills
2) David Wickham
3) Oliver Healey
4) John Dowell
5) David Haslett

East of England

Agent: – Charles Vickers
1) Robin Tilbrook
2) Charles Vickers
3) Stephen Goldspink
4) Maria Situmbeko
5) Bridget Cowan
6) Don Whitbread
7) Jeremy Moreton-Moss


Agent: – Steve Uncles
1) Jenny Knight
2) Matthew Roberts
3) Maggi Young
4) Graham Clipperton
5) Gary Butler
6) Nick Capp
7) Louise Dutton
8) Natalie Smith

North East England

Agent: – Alan England
1) Kevin Riddiough
2) Sam Kelly
3) John Lewis

North West England

Agent: – Kevin Riddiough
1) Stephen Morris
2) Paul Rimmer
3) Derek Bullock
4) Paul Whitelegg
5) Steve McEllenborough
6) Laurence Depares
7) Valerie Morris
8) Anthony Backhouse

South East England

Agent: – Steve Clegg
1) Steve Uncles
2) Julia Gasper
3) Amanda Hopwood
4) Simone Clark
5) Steve Clegg
6) Milly Uncles
7) Mike Russell
8) Mike Tibby
9) Doreen Dye
10) William James

South West England

Agent: – Stephen Wright
1) Alan England
2) Mike Blundell
3)) Clive Lavelle
4) Barbara Wright
5) Stephen Wright
6) Ray Carr

West Midlands

Agent: – Kevin Sills
1) Derek Hilling
2) David Lane
3) Fred Bishop
4) Steve Paxton
5) Chris Newey
6) Charles Hayward
7) Margaret Stoll

Yorkshire and the Humber

Agent: – Kevin Riddiough
1) Chris Beverley
2) David Wildgoose
3) Ian Sutton
4) Colin Porter
5) Tom Redmond
6) David Allen

A fuller analysis of each Region will be published after nominations close in April.


2 thoughts on “Latest, Full Listing of EDP European Election Candidates.

  1. As an English Nationalist and a young man at that I do find the negative articles that are published on England Watch disconcerting. The specific highlighting of former BNP members joining the English Democrat Party. It is a tradition in this country of freedom of political association be it political parties or trade unions.

    I am a former Conservative Party Activist before joining the English Democrats Party. If by the logic followed by England Watch if the EDP was being hi-jacked by such subversive elements as racists and Nazis then the mainstream media would have certainly picked up on it.

    The reason why the EDP are not well known to the ordinary man on the street is that the Party is not a racial nationalist party nor does it singularly focus on the European Union or Immigration as its political compass point. SUBJECTS that the media uses to create an “other” something to ratchet up negative feeling about.

    Look at the empirical evidence read the attacks by the far right on the English Democrats and please consider using some logic before publishing such discursive piffle.


    I doubt the validity of your nationalism if you are have faith in your convictions then stand by them and reveal yourself.

    • You have every right to doubt the validity of our nationalism but that does not mean that your views are valid.

      England Watch has, and will continue to, bring the EDP to the attention of our readers. The fact that most of the coverage is deemed by you to be negative is entirely of the party’s own making. As for the EDP being racist, have we ever said that?

      That said, we offer the following;

      “” Paul Rimmer
      3 hours ago
      The TB spewing vermin are everywhere, like a plague of rats,cockaroaches & LOCUSTS COMBINED. THEY GATHER OUTSIDE SCHOOLS,HOSPITALS,LIBRARIES,BENEFIT OFFICES devouring our wealth & polluting our air. The English watch like rabbits caught in the headlights. Stunned & silent. Either we wake up & cull this vermin or we will perish as a nation.

      Paul Rimmer
      4 hours ago •

      Paul Rimmer
      Dhimmified & how Frank! They promote ‘social inclusion’ which means whites out,
      muzzies in!

      Yesterday at 4:55pm

      Paul Rimmer
      April 3
      I believe we just find a new country called Cleggland where Muzzie asylum seekers eat lotus, rape white kids & whip their English slaves. It will use the Euro of course. Clegg is bananas, its so scary he runs this crazy country.””

      Those are not the words of any-old-EDP-member, they are taken from the facebook page of the EDP’s number 2 candidate for the North West in the E U elections next month.

      But then you know that, you are one of Paul Rimmers friends on there.

      Q; Do you think that his views are those of the EDP? Or yourself?

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