The EDP in the North East Region.

The EDP in the North East Region.
The North East has always been THE worst area in the whole of England for the English Democrats. It has been describes as barren, though sterile may be a better word. That fact is made glaringly obvious by the elections this month.

True, they do have a full slate of three candidates for the European Elections;
1) Kevin Riddiough
2) Sam Kelly
3) John Lewis

Though tellingly none of these actually live in the region but are all from South Yorkshire.

Alan England is the election agent for the region; he also lives out of area, but a little nearer, residing in North Yorkshire.

As an example of how much the shrinking EDP has to stretch its resources in order to give the impression of a ‘national party one need look no further than this region.

In addition to being election agent for the North East, Alan England is also the EDPs lead candidate for the South West Region.

Kevin Riddiough is an even better example;
Election agent for the North West Region.
Election agent for Yorkshire and the Humber Region.
Lead candidate for the North East Region.
Candidate in the council elections in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

In the North East there are also local elections being held on the same day for a number of councils in the area.
The last time that these seats were contested was 2010, the EDP fielded just the one candidate, in 2014 they are unable to field any!

North Tyneside, 2010, 1. …2014, 0.

As will be seen from the rest of the articles England Watch will be posting for the Regions the EDP is far from being a ‘national’ party and in fact has but a few dozen active members.


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