All EDP Election Candidates in the South East Region.

The EDP in all Elections in the South East Region.

The South East has long been the heartland of the EDP, not any longer! True the EDP has managed to find the full slate of, 10, European election candidates from within the region but the local elections being held on the same day are a different story.
Steven Uncles is the EDP Chairman for the South East and the fact that he is in the middle of a court case regarding Electoral fraud may have had some influence on his inability to persuade members to stand in the local elections this month.

The South East Region covers nine counties and there are about 20+ councils with elections, in total about 500 council seats up for grabs. Chairman Mr Uncles, who is also the EDPs National Elections Director, (honest, no joke) has managed to put a total of one (1) candidate into the field, a former BNP member,in Maidstone.

EDP Candidates for the European elections in the South East.
Steve Uncles,
Julia Gasper,
Amanda Hopwood,
Simone Clark,
Steve Clegg,
Milly Uncles,
Mike Russell,
Mike Tibby,
Doreen Dye,
William James

Is this the same Simone Clark who as a BNP member was engaged to a top-ranking BNP member?

Local Elections.

Full list of Local election candidate in the South East.

Maidstone BC. Shepway North. Gary Butler.

From the list below it is clear how the EDP has almost totally vanished from the South East since these seats were last fought in 2010.

Fareham. 2010..1….2014..0


From 16 candidates in 2010 down to just 1 in 2014.
Mr Tilbrook still claims that the party is growing.


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