The EDP and the Elections in the South West Region.

The EDP and the Elections in the South West Region.

Apart from Bristol and Wiltshire the South West has never been a good area for the English Democrats and in recent years, since the Branch in Wiltshire resigned on-mass, it has struggled to find candidates.

The EDP again have a full slate of six candidates for the European Elections in the Region, though the Lead candidate actually lives in North Yorkshire and is also the Election Agent for the EDP in the North East From Gibraltar to Berwick with a comfort stop in Hambleton.

The candidates for the E. U. election 2014 are;
1) Alan England.
2) Michael Blundell.
3) Clive Lavelle.
4) Barbara Wright.
5) Stephen Wright.
6) Raymond Carr.

Local Elections in the South West.

On the same day as the E U elections there are a number of local authorities in the region holding elections. One of these is Bristol, in the past it has been quite a fertile city for the party.

In 2008 the EDP fielded 1 candidate in Bristol.
In 2009 the EDP fielded 5 candidates in Bristol.
In 2010 the EDP fielded 6 candidates in Bristol.
In 2011 the EDP fielded 7 candidates in Bristol.

In 2014 the EDP seem unable to field any candidates in Bristol.

This last fact is rather telling on the commitment to the EDP of the European Election candidates listed above.

The Lead candidate, Alan England, is ineligible as he lives hundreds of miles away, but of the other 5 candidates, 4 of them have stood as EDP candidates in Bristol in the past and at least 2 of them still live in the city and so, if they wanted to show added support to the EDP, could have raised the profile of the party by standing for election in the local elections, they are not.

In fact there are no EDP local election candidates standing in any of the local authority elections in the whole of the 6 historic counties in the South West.


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